A Difficult Choice


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I have started going on college visits. During spring break I visited both Indiana State (ISU) and Indiana University Bloomington (IUB). I really love both colleges. After I returned home, people started asking me how I liked each school. I cannot really compare either school to each other as they are so very different. When I start to think about the different choices I have on the table, my head just wants to EXPLODE. Because many colleges offer different options and pathways to a degree with many different factors to think about such as size, location, and cost, I must weigh all my options to pick the best school for me.

When I think about potential college options, I must think about the ability to reroute a career pathway. All of my siblings have switched majors. As of right now, I am interested in becoming an accountant. Because my siblings switched their majors, I have signed up to take an accounting class and an accounting internship next year as a way to decide before college if I like or dislike accounting. If I decide I like accounting, then I will be able to go directly into a predesigned pathway by a college. However, if I do not, then I will want to choose the school that has the most diversity in the STEM or business degrees. I need a college that will allow me to become versatile in my endeavors to find a job post-college.

One factor that is important to me is the size of the school. When I take into account all things about a school, size and student to teacher ratio rank in the top five things that I would like to be within my parameter. I like a smaller ratio in a school. However, I also do not mind a larger ratio if the school is huge. I really appreciate the smaller student to teacher ratio of 22:1 at ISU. This size of school would allow me to create relationships with my professors. However, I also love the feeling of being lost in a crowd. When I visited IUB, I was welcomed with a large crowd of prospective students and an even larger crowd of students changing classes! I really disappeared in the crowd. When choosing your future home, you should feel comfortable. At both ISU and IUB, I felt comfortable!

Many people freak at the thought of living away from home. I do not. After traveling abroad for six weeks, I know that I can live away from home without getting homesick. This is great for me. When I look at colleges in Indiana, I do not worry that I will be too far from home! Both Indiana State and Indiana University are about three to four hours away from my house; but, I am not worried about the distance. Two of my sisters live in Indianapolis, which is only about an hour and a half drive from either college. I have access to family even if I am far away.

My sister, Savannah, attended Rose-Hulman which resides in Terre Haute. Indiana State also resides in Terre Haute. My sister informed me that essentially no activities exist for students to do in the city. I know I should be focusing on my studies when I leave for school, but I would like to have something to do during the weekend. While on the other hand, Bloomington has loads of fun activities to do. I understand that a lot of college activities it is required to be 21 to participate in them. However, when I turn 21, I would like to be able to have the option to go! But, I don’t really have that option in Terre Haute.

Last of all, I must think about the cost of each school. Both of these schools are similar in price; however, ISU offers more scholarships. When I am ready to make my final decision, it will most likely come down to whomever offers me money to attend their school. Either way, I am sure I will make the right choice.

I am very excited for these next few years and the awesome experiences that will follow. I really like both of these campuses and could see myself at either college. Therefore, I know that I will be able to enjoy the four years. I am sure that my family will also give me advice on which college to attend! In the end, I will go to college and then move on to the next chapter of my life.

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