Spring Play Review


The members of the Lewis Cass Drama Department presented their spring play this past weekend. My sister and I watched the performance on Saturday night, and we really enjoyed it. The play was very entertaining and contained lots of humor throughout it. The setting of the play took place in 1948 in the Egyptian desert. It was titled “What’s Going On With Queen Toots” and was written by Billy St. John.

The character Professor Artie Facts (Preston Parker) is in the middle of an expedition in the Egyptian desert when Allura (Aubry Johnson) and her assistant Ben-Dare Dundat (Jacob Jordan) develop a plan to transfer a spirit into the mummy Queen Tootsiwootsi. The professor’s niece Sue Hara (Arrianna Martinez) joins her uncle on the expedition, and she tries to decipher her feelings towards Niles Banks (Conner Claypool). She doesn’t know if she should follow her career or her heart. Headmistress Pristine Manners (Jordan Henry) also brings along some of her students: June Day (Kyla Valdez), Heidi Quick (Savannah Haseltine), Melody Singer (Nevaeh Swing), Constance Payne (Tiana Casner), and Jaclyn Hyde (Samantha Hawks). The teacher’s strict teachings of manners are revealed throughout the play. A few members of the group later find themselves caught in the middle of Allura’s plan to bring the Queen back to life and discover what consequences come with it.

I’m really glad that my sister and I went to see the play because it was great. I decided to take my younger sister to see the play because she really enjoyed the last play we watched, and I felt that it provided a good opportunity to spend time with my sister. She said that she liked “the mystery of waking up the Queen” along with the humor involved with almost every scene. She believes that one of the funniest scenes was when the guys were being chased across the stage because a potion was switched with a love potion. She also really enjoyed the singing performed by the character Melody Singer, which was played by Nevaeh Swing. The drama club is full of talented students, and it shows with every play that is performed each year.   

All of the members did a great job with the play. Everyone acted really well and brought the story to life. I really enjoy watching the plays and supporting the drama club members because they all put a lot of hard work into every performance even if they face numerous obstacles along the way. Also a lot of different types of plays are put together each year, and each play is interesting and entertaining in its own way.  I would definitely recommend watching their plays next year.

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