Typical Love Story

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Typical Love Story


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Do you remember that moment when a teacher would tell the class it was time to get new assigned seats? The looks of disgust would fill the room. My thought was always what if I have to sit by a boy or even a gross boy. However, in 8th grade science class my worst nightmare came true. I had to sit by a boy that I couldn’t stand. Our class switched seats about every three weeks, so I wasn’t too worried about it. However, in that three weeks something changed, and when we had to change seats, I suddenly didn’t want that annoying boy to go away.

As always, I got my way and he stayed sitting beside me. Everyday in class we would elbow each other and talk back and forth. This eventually led to talking between classes and texting every night. The 8th grade dance was just around the corner, and I knew he was going. When I went to the dance, I took every chance I had to talk to him and pick on him. I never would have guessed the annoying boy I had to sit by in 8th grade would become such an important person in my life.

The summer before my freshman year was the annual Washington DC trip. Throughout this trip, I talked and walked around with this special guy everyday of the trip. Unfortunately, he didn’t get a break from me because after the trip the county fair came along. I knew he would be there everyday, so I showed up every chance I could. The last night of fair came quickly, I went to hug him goodbye, but before I could, he whispered and asked if I would become his girlfriend. From this moment on our journey had begun.

As freshmen we called each other boyfriend and girlfriend for about 10 months, but then we ended up getting in a stupid 15 year old fight and broke up. However, the breakup didn’t last long and we ended up back together in a short three months.

Sophomore year, he became much more than just my boyfriend; he became my best friend. Every weekend we tried to make plans and every night we ended up texting. We shared so many fun memories together like going to see the Christmas We Care Lights and going Black Friday shopping. We shared several laughs together and fortunately not many tears.

Junior year comes along and is still coming along but not without my 8th grade crush. He happens to be the quarterback for the football team and I am a cheerleader, which feels like an original high school movie. He ended up going to Florida with me over spring break to stay with my grandparents, and we made several memories and cherished every laugh we shared. Our journey, however, doesn’t stop there. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us.

Isaac, thank you for making my high school years memorable and always being my best friend. Thank you for not moving seats our 8th grade year in science because I can’t imagine not having your love and support throughout these last three years. I’m so blessed to call you my boyfriend, but more importantly my best friend. I can’t wait to continue making memories with you, and I can’t wait to go to our first prom together this Saturday.


Sincerely, your 8th grade crush  


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