The Teacher who Left an Everlasting Impact



As I opened the doors to a new chapter in life, I felt comfortable. The start of my junior year had begun, and I had become filled with excitement, confidence, and a ready-to-go mindset; however, I was filled with more nerves than I thought. I knew my classes were going to be tougher than the ones I had taken the previous years, but I knew that all my teachers so far had made school feel as if it were a hobby instead of a chore. As I walked into Room 143, I knew this room was going to be a class that would take a toll on me because Precalculus and Trigonometry took place in there; however, that class turned out to be the best class I had taken that year because of one specific person: Mrs. Swanson.

Man, that lady is something special. Mrs. Swanson is someone who anyone can depend on if he happen to be struggling at any given moment. She always has the right words to say when anyone is stressed out with trig or when someone wants to cry because of high school drama, similar to me. When I took Precalculus with Mrs. Swanson, I thought it would be a difficult class that I would struggle to comprehend; however, I understood the class way better than I thought, but I owe it all to her. On my good days, she would congratulate me for doing the assignment by myself. On my bad days, she would encourage me to keep trying because she knew I could accomplish the assignment. Most of all, on the days where I was struggling, she would help me step by step so I didn’t feel as if I were a lost puppy. Even when I was struggling with something that had happened at school the day before, she was the person that would always listen and make me laugh or give me just the right amount of advice I needed. She and I shared many heart to heart moments while sitting in her classroom that can’t ever be forgotten.

In all my years I have attended Lewis Cass, I have very seldom come across teachers that were more like a friend to me until I met Mrs. Swanson. She has a unique personality that everyone knows I am talking about. It’s the type of personality that not many people have on an everyday basis. It’s the type of personality that not even a bad day can’t affect. Most of all, it’s the type of personality that makes every one of her students feel welcomed as they enter Room 143. Now, I know some people may think I am crazy when I say people get excited when they walk into her room because after all, Precalculus was not an easy class; however, through the help of Mrs. Swanson, I knew that I would be just fine.

Mrs. Swanson has turned into someone that holds a very special place in my heart. She has become the lady that I alway say hi to in the hallways no matter what. She has become the lady that always brings a smile to my face when she is around. Most of all, she has left an everlasting impact on me as I finish my last few months here at Lewis Cass. Normally, any senior would be ready to bolt out of those doors and never look back; however, for me, I don’t think it will come that easy. I sure am ready to leave, but I am not ready to leave Mrs. Swanson. Even though she isn’t one of my teachers this year, she still plays a huge role in my senior year, and she still continues to impact me on a daily basis.

Without Mrs. Swanson, I wouldn’t have known what it feels like to have a teacher as a ‘friend,’ and for that, I want to say thank you. Thank you for being the kind-hearted lady that puts her students at the top of her priority while at school. Thank you for being someone that will always be there for me if I need help. Most of all, thank you for being you, Mrs. Swanson. High school has been one crazy roller coaster ride, but you made it something to remember, and for that I will always be thankful. Lewis Cass has many wonderful teachers, but nobody compares to you and your love for the color purple.

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