An open letter to my parents



To my neverending support system,


Hey mom and dad! It’s me, your not so little baby girl, I just want to take a second to thank you. Not only thank you, but congratulate you on dealing with me for this long. I will never be able to repay you for everything you both have taught me in my short eighteen years of life. From the late night arguments to the early morning doughnut runs, we always seem to find our way back home. After all they do say, “Home is where the heart is.” From the broken bones, to scraped knees, and shattered hearts, you two never failed to help me back on my feet. You were there to clean the wounds and help mend them back together, thank you! I know you will never get back the hours of sleep lost staying up with me or a smaller amount of grey hairs from me being a pain in the butt. I hope you can forgive me for that. So buckle up guys because this one’s for you!

Mom, please do me a favor now and go get a handful of tissues! Over the span of our relationship it has been a rollercoaster of emotion, laughs, and adventure (mostly to the ER, but it is still an adventure). Thank you for being my shoulder to cry on when I don’t know where to turn. I know watching me struggle this last year has been tough on you, but you never let me lose hope — hope that tomorrow would be a better day than today. You never let me forget how pretty I look even when I am a complete mess.  Even when we don’t get along, I know you are always here for me. Thank you for making my worst days not so tough to get through. Even when we have to take unplanned trips to the emergency room, we still make the best of it. I am blessed to have you by my side on this journey we call life.


You both have taught me how to give more than I take with a constant reminder to follow my dreams and reach my goals. No matter the challenges that stood over me, from time to time, you guys reminded me that I could overcome anything.  You both want nothing but the best for me and that means more than I could ever ask for. I learned my unselfish, caring, and motivated ways from both of you. I cannot express how much I truly do love you both so so much! My days left at home are limited, but I cannot wait to make the most of those days. Thank you for the life you have both blessed me with.

Now dad you probably are thinking I forgot about you, but you are sadly mistaken. Your little girl couldn’t forget about you, ever. I know that everyone makes jokes about being a daddy’s girl, but I truly am my father’s daughter. You were the first man I ever loved, and you will always hold the key to my heart. We both knew this day was coming soon, but not this fast. The day your little girl isn’t considered so little anymore. You have been there in my brightest of times and helped mom dry my tears during my darkest of nights. Even though our disagreements consist of livestock debates and whose turn it is to clean the barn, we still make the most of it. I will always cherish our late night conversations in the barn while sitting in freezing cold weather. Thank you for the life lessons, the inside jokes, and the constant reminder of the goals I will soon achieve.


From, Your baby girl

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