Preparing for the tests



As my junior year rolls to a close, and finals and AP tests fly at me faster than a baseball out of Nolan Ryan’s hand, I came to the conclusion that I have made it through several testing seasons and have words of advice for the up-and-coming sixth seventh and eighth graders who will be taking their tests soon. These end of the year tests can make or break the future of your academic career. however, don’t worry, you will be fine. With my tips, you guys will be unstoppable.

Guys, school has about three weeks left. So that means you all need to start to study now. Even though you think that you will be able to cram the night before the test and still receive an passing score, you will not be able to do that. Because of a lack of sleep, your brain will not work the same as if you had a full night’s rest. So, do not procrastinate. I mean, how hard is it to study five or ten minutes here or there every day for the next few weeks?

My next second piece of advice, and this is one that I always see people ignore, goes in tandem with the first. Don’t stress about your tests so much. However, the only way to not stress is to prepare before. I have been in your shoes before as the stressed kiddo who did not prepare properly. But, I promise you that if you start to prepare now, finals will not be so bad… in fact they will be a breeze for you. Just remember, for this to work you need to start NOW! You can easily cut out any stress by studying for five minutes here or there.  

Also, another fallout of waiting to study until the last day lies in the lack of sleep students get. So, I feel, at this point, you already know what I am going to say… do not procrastinate. Because of procrastination, students lose sleep studying for a test. Now, in your memory, have you ever done well on a test when you only had four hours of sleep the night before? No. In fact, by the end of your test drool is the only thing you marked on your paper. When I was in eighth grade, I thought it was a good idea to wait to study for my Spanish final. Can you guess what the outcome was? A D+ on the final and subsequently on my permanente high school record. To this day, I face the consequences of that dreaded final. My grade in the class dropped an entire letter grade; and, even though I was in the eighth grade, the poor choice of not studying for the high school class affected my high school GPA. So, please learn from my mistake and do not procrastinate. After all, nothing is worse than reflecting on your high school career and realizing you unknowingly sacrificed future opportunities because you wanted to watch another episode of Stranger Things or The Walking Dead.

Hopefully, now that you are acquainted with the tools you need to pass without stress, you can get a good night’s rest before the test and pass with ease. Please remember that you are only in high school once and so you need to make it count. If you want those awesome college opportunities, you need to work harder than everyone else. Please do not procrastinate. Please help yourself out and study from now until then.  That way you can get some sleep the night before and pass without stress!

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