Prom, After-Prom highlight the end of the year




 Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook were blowing up with parents and teenagers alike were posting numerous pictures. Girls in long dresses and guys in tuxes flooded into the town of Kokomo at the Ivy Tech Event Center for the night of dancing and fun.

The dance was put together by Mr. Jesse Wilson, the high school history and psychology teacher, who was accompanied by Cass principals and staff collecting tickets and watching the cupcake table catered by J. Edwards. The lights were shining and the music was blaring. The music was mostly upbeat with the exception of a few slow songs. Many people at the school dance took advantage of the photo booth and professional photos available on opposite sides of the venue.

Every year at the dance, one dress style or cut seems to be common. Many of the girls’ dresses were two pieces with a flowing skirt. My dress was a two-piece, but, luckily, nobody had the same dress as someone else. Some dresses made a statement like Amelia Hair in her blue and silver dress with covered in sparkles from head to toe. The opposite of her dress was Kennedy McClain’s black and gold dress with her classic “Kennedy” winged makeup. Everybody looked amazing while they danced the night away.

After prom was over, people started to change into movable clothes for the after prom at Heritage Lanes in Kokomo. When we  first entered the building, we were greeted by Sally Young and Mrs. Brooks, Bowe and Brody’s mom, with a door prize drawing. I heard my name announced for a prize, walked up to the table, and took my prize of a Taco Bell coupon, a ticket to a drive in movie, and a free ice cream cone at Mr. Happy Burger. This prize really was made for me since I love all of these things.

Although I didn’t win any of the games of bowling with my friends, I had a great time at prom and after prom. I went to prom last year, but this one was just as fun as the first. I hope that everyone enjoyed themselves and made awesome memories. Thank you to Mr. Wilson and the prom staff for setting up the night. I had a blast that night!


Caleb Johnson- My favorite part about prom was being around all of my friends on a night out. It was nice to see everyone beaming with happiness.

Carl Jay- I absolutely loved after prom. I was not sure how I felt about bowling before, but I am really happy we went. It turned out to be a really fun time!  

Brannyn Spencer- My favorite part of the night had to be just showing up and seeing all the different kinds of dresses. Everyone looked amazing!
Brooklyn Fye- Seeing everyone dressed up and having a good time was amazing, but creating memories with my group had to be my favorite part of the night.
Ashli Key- Hey! My favorite part about prom was being able to dance with all my best friends one time. Taking pictures in the photo booth with my best friend, Brannyn Spencer, was by far my favorite part because we were acting stupid and laughing so hard. It obviously was bittersweet knowing that was my last prom as a King, but prom wouldn’t have been the same without my best friends.
McKayla Thompson- My favorite part wasn’t actually prom itself, but rather the after prom at the bowling alley. I enjoyed being able to be silly with my friend, and the food was really good
Megan Dishon- My favorite part of prom night was definitely the photo booth. It was fun to laugh and get our picture taken at the same time! It was also fun to have props within our pictures that showed off my true “diva” side in me!
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