Thank you, Lewis Cass



Everyone has the school that helped him become the person he is today. Everyone has the school that he has made numerous memories with his best friends. Everyone has the school that has been filled with many ups and downs; however, he has learned many life lessons at the wonderful place. Most of all, the school is the place that everyone thinks he is ready to leave even though he knows that one day he’ll want to turn back the clock. Luckily, for me, Lewis Cass has been the school where I have experienced the journey of a lifetime, and now I am only five days away from saying my farewell.

I remember my first day of freshman year as if it were yesterday. I figured being an underclassmen meant I would make a fool out of myself on the first day; however, it turned out to be a miraculous day. The start of my high school career was a stepping stone into my future life that I would be creating. I remember at times I would be filled with tons of nerves, but I would also have the times where I would be thrilled to start something new or meet new friends. As I continued through my freshman year, I experienced some hardships along with some blessings. This year was when I thought I lost everything due to the loss of my Mamaw Gaines. I remember getting into the car, after a volleyball tournament, and my mom told me the news. From that point on, I thought freshman year would be rough; however, my volleyball family came together for me, and they prayed for me and my family as we went through this tough time. It’s crazy to think how my freshman year was the year that I realized Lewis Cass was where I belonged.

The following years at Lewis Cass were filled with many life lessons that helped me become the girl I am today. These years impacted me the most. These years gave me the best of friends. These years taught me that even though I may get a terrible grade on an assignment, I would be okay. These years showed me that in life I can’t please everyone, and I will have to deal with some pointless drama; however, the drama won’t last forever and sooner or later, I would learn to just make myself happy no matter what. Most of all, these years were the ones that made my journey memorable at Lewis Cass. In the beginning, I never thought I would become best friends with some of the teachers, but I sure did. Many of the faculty and staff have made a huge impact on my life, and they are definitely some of the people that I will forever cherish and never forget. My years at Lewis Cass have been nothing but joyful, entertaining, and unforgettable; however, my senior year is the year that I’ll remember the most.

My senior year was the most important year I experienced at Lewis Cass. It brought me countless new friendships. It gave me the opportunity to be a role model to the underclassmen as they start to become older. Most of all, it gave me one last year to play the sport I love: volleyball. Letting go of this sport has had to be the hardest thing I have had to do. It feels as if yesterday was the day I dropped to the floor of the volleyball court in tears because I had just played my final game; however, the closing of that chapter in my life was a stepping stone to get me where I am today. Senior year was the year that hit home the hardest. Our senior class lost a fellow classmate, and I have never seen each senior come together as a family as I did on November 18, 2018. The tragic accident left all of us with an empty feeling; however, it left us with a life lesson: before anyone of us gets behind the wheel, make sure that what we are doing is smart. Senior year was the year the class of 2019 gained their own guardian angel.

As I sit here, writing this, I can’t even fathom that high school is almost over for me. The feeling is something I cannot even begin to describe. Through all the years of high school, I never thought walking away from Lewis Cass would be this difficult; however, before I walk across the stage, I need to say thank you. Thank you for being the school that felt like my second home. Thank you for being the school that gave me my best friends and the teachers who I will forever be thankful for. Thank you for being the school that gave me the memories that last a lifetime, and the life lessons I will never forget. Most of all, thank you, Lewis Cass, for being the school that gave me the opportunity to be a King, always and forever.

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