The Met Gala

The Met Gala


The Met Gala is a enormous, extravagant event in which celebrities dress authentically as well as exceptionally.I write this article due to the personal interest that I have as to why celebrities spend thousands of dollars on this event. The looks of the celebrities vary from exquisit to questionable in a sense that each person tries to stand out the most. Celebrities that spend thousands to millions of dollars on their camp costumes are determined to be the most memorable person at the gala for having that unforgettable look of art. One can almost assume that these celebrities money could have went somewhere more useful other than their long gowns and thousand dollar bejeweled suits, and their money did.


The Met Gala is a fundraiser for the Metropolitan Museum which is founded by Eleanor Lambert. In an article on New York Times, tickets at first cost about $50 per person which is cheap compared to the $35,000 celebrities pay today. On top of the ticket pay, to get a spot at a table it costs $200,000-$300,000. As if the tickets weren’t expensive enough, paying to have a seat and dinner is out of this world. Multiple cars and many more clothes and accessories can be bought with the money that these celebrities spend.


Is the Met Gala worth the money? It seems as though all the celebrities who interviewed with Liza Koshy, a Youtuber, were very ecstatic to be there for the big event. An interview with Miley Cyrus gave insight that the Met Gala is not only used for the proceeds and outfits, but seeing the celebrities that she doesn’t often see is refreshing.


“It’s like a reunion with all your friends and it starts feeling like family,” said Cyrus describing the Met Gala as she was explaining that this was her favorite time of the year in her extravagant life.


Nick Jonas mentioned that being able to spend time with his newly wed wife is outrageous while looking the way they do. The two matched with their expensive Loui the IV outfits as they gave input of how their marriage is.


Some outfits were so outstanding such as Cara Delevingne who wore Harry Kotlar and Maxior. Delevingnes outfit was bright with all colors of the rainbow in neon and a headpiece larger than her own head that was decorated with fruits and other foods. Serena Williams had wore a yellow and pinkish dress that almost looked like scrambled eggs and ham at first glance but the Versace dress definitely is not ugly or underwhelming in any way.


The Met Gala was extra as well as authentic in a sense of art. The theme was camp and each celebrities outfit could describe their inputs of what a camp like outfit would look like portrayed as stylish art. Some may not get the purpose of the Met Gala and some may only be interested in the Met Gala do to looks, but the Met Gala does offer proceeds to the Metropolitan Museum.

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