2018 – 2019 Lewis Cass FFA Banquet


Retiring Senior Officers Left to Right: Brooklynn Fye, Emily Goodman, Miah Martin,McKenna Wolf, Wyatt Helms, and Brooklyn Miller.


*Bang Bang Bang*


“The meeting room will now come to order,” states Wyatt Helms. The room quickly falls silent as opening ceremonies start for The 2018-2019 Lewis Cass FFA Banquet. Every officer, member, and guest focuses in on the night that lies ahead of everyone. As parliamentary procedure takes place, we make sure to run every meeting the same way, making sure we make it through all the new motions. The meeting room will not be adjourned until all new motions are discussed or debated.


The first main motion to arise in our meeting are the sponsors that help our chapter throughout the year. After we thank the sponsor with the levels of bronze, silver, and gold; each donates  a different amount that separates them from each other. Once we thank each of them, we move on to awards starting from the junior high kids that are considered ‘discovery kids.’ They compete in a lower level than the high school students.


After all discovery degrees and awards are handed out, we moved onto national trips, district awards, and state awards. The national trips taken this year were to Raleigh, North Carolina,  Louisville, Kentucky, and Tulsa, Oklahoma. These trips not only held many laughs and stories, but they held many achievements. The Lewis Cass FFA Chapter had kids placing in the top five at Nationals. For those of you that may not know, it is a HUGE deal. We are so proud of everything they achieved this year.

Once our awards ceremonies were done, it was time to induct new officers and honorary members. Proudly announcing that our chapter is growing each and every year helps our kids know that the community is still standing right next to us. Our two new honorary members this year were Steve and Julie Miller, and Nancy Fowler. These members will forever have their names written in the books for the Lewis Cass FFA.

With the night dragging along, it was finally time for the seniors to cross the stage one last time. As Mr. Appleton told a story about each officer, he made everyone enjoy saying goodbye to: Wyatt Helms, Brooklyn Miller, Miah Martin, Emily Goodman, Brooklynn Fye, and Mckenna Wolf.  

With the end of our stories about what a great officer team we make, he slowly started reading off the new 13 officers.  As the new replacements made their way on stage, the seniors hugged who would be taking their spots and made a final walk to a seat in the audience. Knowing that this was the last time they could say, “ I am a member of The Lewis Cass FFA” was tough to swallow. Now, they all proudly state, “I am a member of The Lewis Cass FFA Alumni.”

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