Moving Out



The past couple of weeks have been some of the busiest weeks I have been through. Between work and school, I also moved from Peru to Kokomo. I am now living with my sister, Shayla and our friend, Hannah. At first we weren’t sure of how moving in together would go due to Hannah also having her boyfriend moving in with us but plans changed with Hannah deciding that just us three girls were moving in together and we were slightly unsure of how this might work.


Turns out, we are very happy with how everything turned out. Not that we are happy about Hannah and her boyfriend breaking up but happy that we pulled the house together to feel like our home. We have a three bedroom, one bath house that is larger than what I had expected it to be. Each of us has our own room that we have decorated with our personalities, but the rest of the house is decorated with all of our belongings.


We fix dinner for each other, surprise each other (which isn’t anything new), and spend a lot of time together. We have our own assigned chores which is helpful because none of us want to be stuck doing all the cleaning and this way we have fair expectations. The house has been clean and we have maintained the chores to our names, but I am sure that sometime down the road we will struggle with messes with our busy lives.   


From moving out of my mom’s house to letting go of my job at Arby’s to leaving for boot camp, I am sure that I am very overwhelmed. I am overwhelmed with the excitement to leave and become a Marine but I dread leaving my family for the next four years of my life. This will be hard but after graduating from high school; I have to grow up so I am starting very early. I moved out and have become more independent that I have ever been and moving to this new house feels like a really great fresh start on what my life will be after high school.

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