Indiana Allowing Guns in Schools?

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Indiana Allowing Guns in Schools?


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Here in the United States we have been hit by quite a few tragedies involving mass shootings and shootings in schools. For example on April 30, 2019, the University of North Carolina had two students shot and killed and others injured. Another mass shooting was the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting that happened last year with 17 people killed. With all of this happening no one really knew what to do to help prevent situations like this. Should schools have more strict rules? Should gun laws be more strict? Should teachers be allowed to carry guns?

On April 16, 2019, Indiana state legislature passed a law that actually allows teachers to take 38 hours of training drills that allows the teachers to concealed carry a gun in the schools. One hour of this training is meant to be set up for a psychological evaluation to make sure they have the right temperament to carry in school around teenagers or children. Of course this law is only for the schools who actually allow teachers to carry since the law isn’t that every school HAS to, but it is up to the school faculty to decide if they will allow it. I personally believe that having a teacher or administrator carry isn’t a bad idea as long as no one knows who that person is so that it doesn’t put a target on the teachers’ back.

I interviewed a few teachers on the subject just to see how the people who would be potentially carrying the weapons feel about the law. I tried to get a variation of teachers that I knew would have somewhat different perspectives on the matter to see what kind of points they would make on the matter. Mr. Carlton had a very lenient point of view on the subject. He was neither open nor closed towards the idea of the matter stating that “…Do I think it is a good idea for teachers to be armed? I think that that is a loaded question. If a person is trained or the person is qualified, then I think the idea is a good idea….” He believes that the number one priority for faculty is to keep the students safe and if this idea can help do that, and correct measures are taken that it could be a very good idea.

Mr. Jones wasn’t as open towards the idea. He saw the thought of guns in school as something that sounds like it could work but has more bad things and flaws that could happen than good things that can come from it. Mr. Wilson had a somewhat different perspective on the issue that surprised me a little from what he said answering my first question. I had asked him if he thought teachers having guns was a good idea and his response was short sweet and to the point. He thinks that adding more guns to the equation just escalates problems rather than helping them. So with thinking that I figured my second question was already answered, but I asked him anyway, “Would you ever concealed carry in school if need be?” His response was “Yes, because even though I don’t like it, the thing I point out is if it were a requirement, I trust me.”

With all of these interviews, I saw a motif between them. The recurring theme that I noticed was that the teachers saw more harm than good coming from this situation! As Mr. Jones said was that if certain students wanted to, they could easily gang up on an armed teacher and take his weapon. Most teachers all think that the school resource officer that we have is enough for our school to be and feel more safe. Mr. Barnett, a High School social studies teacher, and Jones both agreed on that statement.

Will our school ever consider being a school that goes to these lengths to keep the school safe? Maybe, maybe not. I see it as a stretch for a school this small to have teachers packing heat! I side with Mr. Jones on this part of the scale that with such a small school one resource officer that is trained and qualified to do whatever it takes to protect the students really should be enough. If our school was bigger and in the inner city, then maybe that opinion would change. While I don’t think our school needs teachers carrying gun, I do believe that it could be highly beneficial in inner city settings with a lot more kids and more ground to cover. At the end of the day there are a lot of factors that go into this bill and I am sure our legislature has made the all around best choice for our state in making it!

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