My Final Farewell


A handful of Seniors after a home football game


My days are coming to a close here at this beautiful place we all know as Lewis Cass; however, this school is much more than just Lewis Cass to me. To me this school was a second home, a place of rough times and good times, and a place of discipline. This school has taught me many valuable life lessons over the years. It taught me how to be consistent and thorough with my work in the classroom and in my athletics.
For my athletics, I want to say thank you to Mr. Marschand, Mr. Smith, Mr. Young, Mrs. Fowler, and many more. If it were not for the adults that come out to every wrestling meet, football game, and band competition, I don’t know if I would have played sports all throughout high school. The fan base here has been so amazing to me, and for that I am grateful. Finally, I would like to thank Coach Burrous. You never gave up on me when I was a scrawny little freshman that weighed 130 pounds soaking wet. I only knew how to throw a headlock, and I wasn’t all too good at that. Coach, you taught me how to become a better wrestler, but not only that you showed me how to be a better person in life. You taught me how to show up on time everyday no matter what. Whether I was hurt, sick, or half-way to Death’s doorstep, I showed up every time because I had to. You are and always will be a person I look up to Coach Burrous.
As my academic career here at Cass is dwindling down to a few short days, I try to look back at all the teachers that helped me get to where I am today. The first teacher that comes to mind would be Mr. Shepler. He was my sixth grade teacher for math, but not only that he taught me the game of chess. I’m sure if anyone asks a few of the seniors about him they might not remember him at first, but eventually they will remember him for one thing and one thing only, chess. I don’t know why he always pushed us to be better chess players, but I feel as if it helped us all become better people. He instilled a competitive nature in us all from a young age that transformed us all into the athletes and students we are today. I would also like to thank a few more teachers that helped me become better at academics. One of those people would be my seventh grade English teacher, Amy Scott. Mrs. Scott kicked my butt in gear as far as English goes. I remember the first day in her class as though it was yesterday. She made the whole class type a paper about what we wanted to accomplish in that school year for her class. I didn’t realize she wanted an actual essay, so instead I made a list of the ten things I wanted to accomplish. Mrs. Scott didn’t find it near as funny as I did that I had the completely wrong idea about her paper.
Lastly, I’d like to thank Mr. Engle. He has taught me so many things over these past two years I don’t know if I can remember them all. Obviously he taught me how to be a better English student, but not only did he do that, he taught me how to become a better student in all my academics. Mr. Engle taught me all this by making his class extremely hard during my junior year. I remember when I walked into his class, there weren’t a lot of kids in the class due to there being multiple AP 11 classes. No one really said anything until Mr. Engle told us everything we would be doing over the next year, and after he said it I looked down at my desk and buried my head. Once I got through his class and took the final I felt a feeling of relief. I felt relieved of having to write essays every day or read another novel until my mom told me I had to take AP 12 as well. Mr. Engle, thank you for never telling me to drop your class after I failed the first three assignments in AP 11. If it hadn’t been for your class, I would never be the student I am today.
For my final farewell to Lewis Cass, I say thank you. Thank you for always having your little quirks. Like how you always blow freezing cold air in Mr. Wilson’s class, or how you never have stall doors on every stall. Thank you for always having a huge football fan base even when the team only had one win in a season. Thank you for blessing me with the title of being called a King for the past twelve years of my life. This school has meant so much to me, but my days here are slowly becoming less and less. For my final farewell I say goodbye to you, Lewis Cass.

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