Making New Memories Through Career Center

Dental Class at KACC


At the beginning of the year, I stepped into the class only recognizing a few faces, but now all twenty faces are more than familiar. Nervous as could be, I walked into class on my first day and sat next to strangers. These strangers, however, quickly became my friends.

This school year I decided to take a class at Kokomo Career Center to learn more about dental programs. Walking into a school that wasn’t filled with the same familiar faces of every other year was intimidating. However, all the other students felt the same way, so we immediately had something in common to talk about. This conversation led to more and more conversations, so it soon became a comfortable environment.

Being in a dental class, we didn’t have much of a choice other than to be close to each other. I’m not talking about mentally but instead physically. We all work in each other’s mouths and clean one another’s teeth, which means we are all up in each other’s personal space all the time.

Not only do we work on each other, but we also work with each other. As one does the cleaning, the other works the water syringe to rinse the patient’s mouth. This has helped the class grow to be comfortable working with different people and adjust to teamwork. We have learned several new skills from just one year of class. So far we have learned to brush, floss, and rinse another person’s mouth, and we also learned to take impressions, pour a plaster model, mix cements and make a bleaching tray.

All these different skills were all interesting to learn about and also major eye openers. Going into the class, I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to go into the dental field. Throughout this year through dental class, I have become more and more hooked on dental. I think teeth are very fascinating. Most people would never see me to be the one to want to spend her time in a dental office because I am very queasy to blood, shots, and human anatomy. However, the mouth doesn’t bother me. I loved getting the opportunity to work on people and see all the different types of teeth within different mouths.

Overall, the career center class not only allowed me to form bonds with other students but allowed new opportunities for me and new experiences. Through this class, I had to try a lot of substances in my mouth because my teacher says it’s easier to explain a taste to a patient if you have tried it yourself. For example, one day our teacher made us all numb the roof of our mouths in order to try the taste, and we all talked funny and couldn’t help but laugh at each other. The laughter continued as we first started taking impressions on each other. The alginate used for impressions is almost like slime, and when it touches your throat, it is likely to make you gag. So as our fingers were in each others mouths, the whole operatory was filled with gagging noises and slobber running down our faces. Although it was the worst feeling, we all got a laugh out of it.

I really enjoyed taking the dental class at career center. Although some days I dreaded getting up and going, it was a great experience, and I met several new friends. Therefore, if you are wanting to try a class at the career center, I would definitely recommend it.

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