The end of a chapter



As the countdown to the end of my high school career hits zero, it starts to sink in that I will no longer walk these same hallways as a student. I will now be an outsider that has no say in what takes place within these walls. I will never be able to stand in the student section on a Friday night hoping to still have my voice the next day. I will no longer be able to wear my letterman jacket, or kings apparel and it mean the same thing.


To the staff that helped me grow, you all deserve a round of applause. Thank you for spending countless hours explaining things that will help me in my future. You all challenged me in different ways, each helping me grow in many ways. You all pushed me to come out of my shell and achieve the goals I set for myself. Thank you guys for never giving up on me and always letting me know that I had the world’s best support system behind me. You all will forever hold a piece of my heart. I know my knowledge and wisdom shared between us will be helpful through my journey in life.


To the classmates that have grown to be family, thank you for cherishing the highs and lows with me. Thank you for being my ride or die since day one, literally. From preschool to senior year, life has given us a rollercoaster of change. We were the first class to experience the merge from Thompson. I know we all have had our fair share of disagreements with each other, but we always found our way back to each other. We have all grown so much, and I cannot wait to see where life takes you. I know that our senior year was rough but WE DID IT GUYS!

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