A day filled with fun

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A day filled with fun


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This summer my sister Savannah will be getting married. This weekend my sister Madeline her maid of honor threw her a bridal shower in preparation. Savannah and her fiance Thomas will honeymoon in Italy. So with a theme centered around an italian garden, smells of fresh lilacs and tart lemons filled our house as Maddie and I cleaned up for the bash. Because I am not a girl, I was not allowed to be a part of the party, but the guys who brought their wives and girlfriends, all gathered to have a fun day!

My day started slow as I moused the energy to climb out of bed. I came downstairs to find no one at the house except my nephew. I asked him where everyone was. He said they had departed earlier for an Anoka Breakfast, which is put on buy Anoka Methodist Church on 35 to support various local groups. I hurried over to shovel some food into my gaping mouth! You can’t go wrong with breakfast food. Am I right?

After the breakfast, I traveled home to clean the kitchen and scrub floors for a fresher smelling home for our guests! When I cleaned, Maddie cut various fruits and otherwise prepared for the feast. I know it seems strange but preparing for the party was kind of fun. Maddie had music blaring through the house and we were just screaming the lyrics to “Bohemian Rhapsody” and “Eye of the Tiger.” It was a blast.

Shorty after I finished up, I decided it would be best to vacate my house before the girls kicked me out. My uncle Traian or “Uncle” lives down the road from me. So, all the guys convened at his house. We began to talk about the movie Patton  about the WWII general of the same name. My older brother William began to quote the movie and talk about Patton’s genius battle strategy. We then thought back how the meeting of guys who were not allowed at William’s wife’s bridal shower and how the conversation in that meeting turned quickly to wartime generals and other war topics. It is funny how this is a recurring topic at the Jay household.

As the day continued, I took a trip to Walton for Megan Dishon’s graduation party. I visited with Megan for a while, and then sat with Mrs. Maloy and Addi Wagoner. We started laughing about various things that have happened at Lewis Cass. They both just pointed out how much of a pain in the butt I am. LOL. I ate a very delicious cake and talked to Megan and Addi about their plans post-high school. Megan will be studying occupational therapy and Addi is studying to become a massage therapist.  I will miss them a lot!

When I came back to the farm, the bridal shower had concluded and everyone was gathered at Uncle’s house. We came together as a family to eat a fantastic meal consisting of pasta, steamed broccoli, salad, and pies from Kun’s Bakery. I always love visiting with my family and catching up. Because everyone lives so far apart, we hardly get the chance to see each other. This bridal shower gave us an awesome opportunity to see everyone.

The night came to a close with my cousin, his girlfriend, and I chasing his nieces and nephews around the yard in a game of tag. The children soon found my uncle’s new kittens… they loved them! After that, I journeyed back to my house for a quick shower. I then went back to watch a movie! We ended up not watching anything, but we did play some fun card games and board games.  

All in all, It was a really fun day to see my relatives. I always have a good time when I see them. And, today was no different! I can’t wait for the wedding when I can see them all again. It is a great time at a Jay family party. I can’t wait for the next one!

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