Kings’ Courier staff sets records

Eight staffers earn 100 percent averages the entire year


Front Row: Josie Woolever, McKayla Thompson, Bella Panmei, Megan Dishon, Katelyn Schreckenghaust, Middle Row: Clara Licklider, Ashli Key, Brannyn Spencer, Kelsey Wise, Brooklynn Fye Back Row: Jack Salyers, Carl Jay, Levi Dyer, Engle, Alex Myers, Uriah Riemenschneider, Caleb Johnson Missing: Dixon Collins, Lauren Hileman, Reese Rodabaugh,

Newspaper Awards: articles are nominated by the reviews sent in by Courier readers. The top two articles, listed below along with the author’s name, are chosen by the Courier staffers. As usual, the students did a great job selecting the Courier Bests for 2018-19 school year in six categories. The number of articles receiving votes demonstrates how many outstanding articles that the students write each year. The staff set a record for the most reviews, 1,923, to the Courier website. Listed below the contest winners are the eight students who earned 100% average for each grading period. 

Best Feature Article
1) One last go around- Josie Woolever
2) Jordan Lynae Asher – Lauren Hileman

Best Student Life Article
1) As the Days Go By: A Letter to my best friend- Uriah Riemenschneider
2) Not So Typical Love Story by Megan Dishon

Best Opinion Article
1) An open letter to all girls – McKayla Thompson
2) The Bond Between The Seniors- Ashli Key
2T) You are not alone- Brooklynn Fye

Best Sports Article
1) Five More Minutes Alex Myers
2) Big Orange and Carroll Track Meets, Carl Jay and Caleb Johnson

Best Review Article
1) Bird Box- Katelyn Schreckenghaust
2) The Umbrella Academy Bella Panmei
2T- Milk and Honey- Brooklynn Fye

Best News Article
1) School Brought Together By Champions Together- Josie Woolever
2) Career Fair- Katelyn Schreckenghaust

Courier staffers that never missed a deadline, 100% for the entire year. This equals out to 28 articles and 50 reviews- a remarkable achievement.

Carl Jay- junior
Katelyn Schreckenghaust- junior
Dixon Collins- senior
Brooklynn Fye- senior
Ashli Key- senior
Bella Panmei- sophomore
Jack Salyers- freshman
McKayla Thompson- junior

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