Could You Show Up For Once?

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Could You Show Up For Once?


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When someone tries to soar to new heights, people will always clip his wings. For me, the school administration had clipped or destroyed my creativity (much like how the American education system does). Also, there have been articles written and gossip spread on how the direction of the student section has gone since I took it upon myself to create change. What a horrible decision.

If you get anything from this article or due to our generation’s horrific attention span read this line: don’t ask for permission, make mistakes, correct them. The moment I submitted an email on the possibility of formulating an organized club the dream was destined to die. 

Reason 1: You can take the animal out of the party, but you can’t take the party out of the animal. The student section should be an absolute cluster of madness; people should voice their emotions, tear clothing, bare their chests, and be their uncensored self. High school creates a ton of frustration that formulates inside of me and I choose to vent them through screaming at the opposition. 

Reason 2: Rules destroy creativity. What many people didn’t see and didn’t think to ask was the process leading up to the club. I had to jump through so many hoops to even sniff the idea of an actual cub. I had to write a lengthy list of by-laws, create a presentation, and the worst part, sit through countless meetings with various members of administration. Nothing is better than forty-year olds lecturing me on how to inspire and spark interest with my peers. Do this, do that and people will come. Please, they couldn’t even tell me three current rap artists! The worst idea they presented me was comparing our student section to huge, passionate college student sections. One mentioned how when he attended a power five, massive university,” the team wasn’t great but the students remained faithful.” If only the readers of this article could’ve seen the eye roll I had. The school he described is a prevalent party school and is well known as being vulgar and raunchy. Without a doubt, I would have no problem getting students to attend games with the help of alcoholic beverages, party scenes, and chants that would raise hairs on elderly ladies.

Reason 3: Change doesn’t happen overnight. As soon as the fall season started, not only administration was chirping me about attendance. Kids would mention to me that the stands looked empty and that it could’ve been better. These same people, however, weren’t in attendance. This irony infuriated me because the people that go always have a good time. Also, I pledged to get students to attend different sporting events besides the major sports; unfortunately, the less popular teams wouldn’t even attend the major sporting events and then expected a crowd. There is only so much one can inspire a deflated crowd.  

Statement: I have been emailed lately stating that due to decreased support by administration and sponsors that the club is in danger of ceasing. I couldn’t be more excited! I have been filled with more inspiration and will be greeted with less yellow tape. I can’t promise a complete turnaround, but I can promise a new vigor that will make opponents quiver and their boots and create urine trickling down their legs!

Now this may seem like out of nowhere, but I felt this was necessary at this time. During the dog days of summer, student-athletes took time out of their summer to better themselves and represent the school better during their seasons. These efforts should not go unnoticed and these athletes should be greeted with a loud and boisterous crowd come game time.

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