If You’re Doing This, Please STOP!

If You're Doing This, Please STOP!

Disclaimer: These are my opinions; don’t be hypersensitive. 

Anonymous messages are a social media trend that has been running rampant over the last couple months. In case you have been living under a rock, anonymous messages allow users to submit whatever they want to another with total anonymity. A majority of these messages are inside jokes and the user can tell who sent it, however; the remainder are of a sexual and aggressive nature. The idea that people submit themselves to open harassment amazes me; I have two basic problems with this concept.

1.What self-respecting person finds pleasure or gratification from compliments by people they’ll never get the chance to confront. Sure it’s nice to be called cute or something a little more graphic, but it’s an empty compliment. This trend just speaks to the growing separation from human interaction. In junior high, I had to compliment a girl face to face. Then, in high school I would send a picture of my face and compliment her. Now, no one has a clue who complimented them, but the narcissistic people can go to bed happy knowing one out of 7 billion people anonymously called them cute. 

2.My biggest issue is that a consumer of this trend attempts to entice the anonymous messenger to claim their messages. Hate to break it to them, they won’t. If the messenger has to hide behind a wall of anonymity, then they most likely won’t abandon their security blanket. Also, If the users are providing people a way in which to say whatever they want, they can’t become frustrated when the messenger won’t back up their insensitive remarks. Companies are profiting off the declining social skills of the youth and the majority of my peers are lapping it up. 

P.S. I am proud to say I have avoided such features and I urge my readers to as well.


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