Welcoming our new Spanish Teacher


The new Spanish teacher: Mrs. Mannering

Lewis Cass has gone from Mrs. Formwalt, to Mr. Treber, and now to Mrs. Mannering. Although I did not have Mrs. Formwalt, I did have Mr. Treber. He taught me my second semester of Spanish 1 and all of Spanish 2; however, he sadly moved away to teach in Kansas. Lewis Cass was back on the hunt for a Spanish teacher and successfully found Mrs. Mannering. She previously taught at Pioneer High School for 17 years and is now making the switch to Lewis Cass. Luckily, I have Mrs. Mannering as my mentor teacher, so sitting down and talking to our new staff member was pretty enjoyable and convenient. 

In college, Mrs. Mannering’s studies consisted of business and even planned to become a business teacher. She soon had a change of heart when technology started to grow and become a major tool in the business world. Mrs. Mannering made the decision to transition her career of teaching business to teaching Spanish as she had taken it in high school and thought it was interesting and fun. Already putting her mind to it, she began taking a night school Spanish class and carried on to teaching at Pioneer High School. 

Recently, Pioneer made changes and switched some of their teachers’ subjects that they were originally teaching; consequently, Mrs. Mannering began looking for a job, and Lewis Cass welcomed her with open arms. “Lewis Cass has been fun and enjoyable to work at,” said Mrs. Mannering. Pioneer and Lewis Cass are pretty similar, despite our use of  Promethean Boards and Powerschool. For this reason, her transition to a new school has been very smooth and easy. 

After learning about the career aspect of Mrs. Mannering’s life, I began asking about her personal life. She and her husband have two sons, Clay and Roy, and a daughter, Megan. All three children went to school and graduated from Lewis Cass, and her husband taught there for 30 years, as well. Additionally, she has a 14 month grandson named Zeke (of whom I saw a picture of and is super cute.) On the weekends, Mrs. Mannering enjoys watching football of which both of her sons coach as well as playing piano and gardening. Mrs. Mannering is a very interesting woman when you sit down and get to know her. I was shocked to learn that she and her husband own a 40 acre farm in Oklahoma, and she recently flew for the first time in her life to Central America and Europe. 

Since I am not in Mrs. Mannering’s Spanish Class, I decided to ask one of her students for some insight on what it is like in her classroom. “I personally love her teaching.”, says the student. “I am already learning and getting the hang of the lessons and it has only been five days. She is very clear in what she is saying and knows how to discipline and keep her students from distracting the class. She is very helpful and teaches in a way that her students can understand clearly.” Mrs. Karmel says, “I am so excited to have Mrs. Mannering at Cass. I think she is an excellent teacher and I can’t wait to collaborate with her on projects and classroom activities. I think her students will have a very productive year and I look forward to the strength she will bring to the Spanish department at Lewis Cass.”

Mrs. Mannering seems to be a good fit for Lewis Cass, and we are happy to have her. I truly enjoy talking with her and being in her mentor, as she is a great conversationalist. The impact she made on her students through their new excitement to learn about language was immediate. Mr. Bates says, “Mrs. Mannering loves Spanish and taught Spanish at Pioneer before coming to Lewis Cass. It is evident that she loves the language and culture when you step into her classroom. Moreover, Mrs. Mannering has visited several Spanish speaking cultures and brings that knowledge and love into the classroom.” I believe Mrs. Mannering will be an asset to Lewis Cass High School, and I am very excited to have her as my mentor teacher.

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