The Rock did what?

The Rock did what?

Fast and Furious, a mega-series of driving movies, changed its narrative in this Hobbs and Shaw spin-off that focuses on a more action/fighting style. This movie pushes viewers to the edge of  their seats and does not disappoint. The franchise was established in 2001 with their first movie, Fast and Furious, and has made nine since then. In this film, the director switched it up and did not use the majority of the prior cast but did not abandon fan favorites such as The Rock, Dwayne Johnson. 


Hobbs and Shaw, an unlikely duo, team-up. They try to stop a genetically enhanced human from killing the word via a deadly virus.  Shaw’s sister, Hatty, became infected with the virus, and the crew faces up against the antagonist, Brixton Lore, multiple times during the movie. Our heros use teamwork to destroy the villain. Will he get the virus or will the whole world die?

The main difference, compared to past films, were the characters. Although a spin-off, it is distinctly unique. They made Shaw, the villain from Fast and Furious 7, Shaw into a hero. I did not like this decision, it felt a little forced. When movies are released, I enjoy learning about the cast. When I learned this, my jaw dropped. I personally never like it when franchises do this. If someone is evil in the past movie, they should never become heroic. Some people might think this is critical, but villains stay villains; however, Hobbs is played beautifully in his parts. Hobbs portrayed by The Rock is smart, strong, and even a little silly sometimes. He has played the “good guy” in all of the previous movies. I say this in quotations because although he was trying to catch the furious bunch in previous movies, he gave them the benefit of the doubt and invited them to his team. Since this was a spin-off, there was a lack of old characters such as Dominic Torreto or the deceased Brian O’Conner. Those characters were vital to the original series but were not needed though it was sad not to see them.


One glaring difference in this compared to past films was the driving aspect. At the end of the movie, my brothers and I discussed how the focus of the movie changes from crazy stunt driving to action-packed fighting. Since new characters were introduced, they had to switch their storylines.


“Hobbs and Shaw” is my least favorite Fast and Furious movie. The reason I say this is because it does not have any of the old characters. My favorite part about these movies is the impossible stunts they do, and this movie just did not have that wow factor. I would say that they need to go back to its original formula because although this one wasn’t bad, it just didn’t do it for me.


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