The Blue Devils Go 19 in ’19!


The Concord Blue Devils have made history at the 2019 Drum Corps International World Championships at Lucas Oil Stadium. They scored their 19th World Championship last week, and it’s the highest amount of championships any corps has. It wasn’t easy though. They had to face the best drum corps in the world, and it was a very close fight for the top spot. They had to chase down two of the most talented drum corps to get it done. It was one of the closest races in drum corps history.

At the start of the 2019 Drum Corps International season, the Blue Devils didn’t have the best start to their season. After the first couple of performances, the Blue Devils weren’t at the top of the scoring charts and were down in third or fourth. They were surprisingly towards the middle of the top 12 almost all season long and not towards the top like they usually are. When their season began in California, the 2018 and defending DCI champions Santa Clara Vanguard winning the first four competitions with the Blue Devils behind them in second. In the fifth competition, the Blue Devils finally came out on top over the Santa Clara Vanguard. In all of the show’s scores combined, the Blue Devils were placed in 4th after a few weeks into the season.

Then the Canton Bluecoats set the stage for a rivalry of the ages. When the Blue Devils and the Bluecoats faced off for the second half of the season, the Bluecoats have defeated the Blue Devils four competitions in a row. This rivalry went back and forth all the way until the DCI World Championships. The back and forth rivalry ended when the Bluecoats won the preliminaries and then the Blue Devils won semifinals and finals at the DCI World Championships at Lucas Oil Stadium. 

In Jay Bedecarré’s article, “Blue Devils are World Champions by a hair”, it said Veteran Blue Devils senior executive advisor David Gibbs said about the Blue Devils performance in finals said, “Wow. Wow. That was by far their best performance. I told them they had that in them.” He described scoring the three finals competitions between the Blue Devils and Bluecoats as “coin flips.” Which is a weird, but perfect, way to describe the competitions. The talent level was so high in ­Indianapolis that the five caption awards were earned by five different corps, the first time that has ever happened. The Blue Devils’ presentation of their 2019 program “Ghostlight” placed first in the visual performance category, which is very impressive to win only that category. 

The 2019 DCI season was one of the best seasons in a long time. We didn’t know who was going to win all season long. We didn’t even know who was going to win when they did the awards ceremony. The rivalry between the Bluecoats and the Blue Devils was one of the best rivalries in DCI history. It went back and forth all season long and it came down to the least amount of mistakes on the field. At the end of finals, the Blue Devils won by 0.087 points ahead of the Bluecoats. It was one of the closest battles in DCI history. I can’t wait to see what the 2020 DCI season brings! The Blue Devils performed the ultimate version of “Ghostlight” during their finals performance and it worked… Barely.

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