Kings Declaw Mighty Panthers


This past weekend was a time to remember. We traveled to “The Pit” to play our hometown rivals the Pioneer Panthers. We have been playing Pioneer for the first game for 13 years. This year was especially special for us we have been losing to them for six straight years so we really wanted to win this one. Our total record against them before Friday was 7-5, but that was about to change. 

We spent the past three weeks preparing for this game. We did a lot of hitting and I mean a lot of hitting, but all of us were ready to take on the challenge. It was a rough three weeks of pure football. All we wanted was to win this game, and we had everyone ,even the whole town, behind us supporting us. We did drills that would make Pioneer just want to quit because it was just so much hitting, but we loved it. Pioneer wasn’t ready for what they were about to face. They thought it was going to be easy, but man were they wrong. Their whole team kept telling us that they would kill us and that we weren’t ready for them they even said that they would have to pay for the championship rings this year. That just made us want the win even more. 

The moment I woke up on Friday morning, I could feel the adrenaline pumping through my blood. I was ready. The whole day the only thing any of us could think of was the game. When we got onto the bus to go to the game, you could hear a pin drop it was so quiet. We were focused and ready. Going into the locker room to get ready, my heart was beating out of my chest then we walked onto the field waiting for the referee to blow the whistle so we could start destroying the Panthers for the first time in years. The ball was off and BOOM! Gabe Eurit made a huge hit against Ezera Lewellen and that set the tone for the whole game. 

We came out on Defense ready to just fight till our dying breath. The first play they tried to run up the middle, but we stuffed it and made them pay for it. It was a quick four and out for them. Then came out our offense. The first play we received a penalty for a false start, then we had a short run for a couple yard, and the third play of the game we scored a touchdown with a run to the outside by Eurit. We came out strong and fast and they never saw it coming. The whole game we kept the lead. Whenever they got close, we scored again and just kept on chugging. We were unstoppable. 

The next touchdown was scored by Easton Good with a run to the corner of the end-zone. Then they scored with run up the middle to end the half making it 14-8. Third quarter came around and we scored once with a pass from Isaac Chambers to Joey Humphrey to make it 21-8. Then they scored a run up the middle again to make it 21-16. We scored a fourth touchdown in the fourth quarter with our bread and butter play right up the middle with Eurit to make it 28-16. They scored for the final time in the fourth quarter to make 28-22. They tried to an onside kick at the end to get the ball back but luckily we were prepared and recovered the ball to end the game with a knee and a final score of 28-22. We owe all of our PAT completions to our new kicker Ludwig Lence who came from Germany.  

It was a game to remember. We worked so hard and it paid off. We were all so happy and we couldn’t stop screaming. I loved every second of that game and I will always remember it.

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