Adventures in Mowing


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This past summer I had to start raising money for the upcoming trip to Europe. I was nominated and invited to play for the Indiana Ambassadors of Music Tour to go overseas and play in concerts and performances in 7 countries for sixteen days with three days of prep at Ball State University. The trip costs a lot of money, which means the earlier I started fundraising the better.

Summer was underway, which means that in the morning you will most likely hear the revving of a mower’s engine. I was mowing at all different times of the day, but mainly evening. I had a couple people I would mow for, including Mr. Engle. The whole plan for mowing was fine minus one crucial detail… I have NEVER mowed before. In most cases, at home, my dad is the one mowing since I am often working on homework, driving to and from different practices, or making plans for the next day’s very busy schedule.

When I arrived to the houses I was to mow, the residents showed my parents and I where the trouble spots were, how to start the mower, and where the extra gas and oil was just in case. The first time starting the engine on a mower that I was really not familiar with was a little daunting since I had one, never stepping on a mower, and two, I’m not one for really loud noises. Hoping on the mower with my earbuds and Spotify ready, I ventured forth into the long, tiring hours that were quickly approaching.

Day One:

Today is the first day of mowing. I have some shorts and a baggy shirt on. I hope this won’t take as long as I think it will. I haven’t had supper, but I’m sure I will be fine! Right? Right! 

Day One (After mowing):

I was oh so wrong. I’m starving, sweaty, and need shower. Lunch did not stay with me as long as I hoped it would. The terrain of the house is not as flat as I was hoping it would be. The music was not playing consistently (sorry Whitney Houston, but this girl was not having fun). Also, I don’t even want to think about all the frogs that I ran over. RIP to multiple frogs…


Day Two:

Today went so much better. Whitney and Beyonce were singing, the mower didn’t catch on fire (it has before), and it didn’t take as long! Thank goodness.


Even though things got better in the end, I was pretty upset when the first day didn’t go as well as hoped. Don’t get discouraged when things go well. Just keep trying!

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