Why the Rocky Franchise is the Best

Why the Rocky Franchise is the Best

Recently Netflix added all of the Rocky movies to its offering except for the very last one titled Rocky Balboa. I decided to sit down over the last few days and watch them all to determine once and for what is the best Rocky movie! I have watched all of them before except for Rocky V but decided to sit down and watch them once again in order to follow the story from start to finish.

Usually, any movie that has a sequel or sequels always has people questioning which is the best of the movies. Most people always say the original is always the best of any movies that have a sequel. I do not feel that is the case with the Rocky movies. I enjoyed all of them in some way except for Rocky V. I must simply say it was terrible. I have heard that the reason Sylvester Stallone made the sixth movie in the series, “Rocky Balboa” because Rocky V was so bad.

The first two Rocky movies were my favorite as they portrayed Rocky as this true underdog down on his luck man that had a very hard life growing up but through boxing had the opportunity to improve his life and become the champion. I thought the fight scenes in the first two movies were a lot more realistic than the others, and it made me almost feel how bad the punches hurt as Rocky and Apollo Creed fought for the title. I also felt the story and acting were overall a lot better in the first two movies compared to the rest. Rocky and Rocky Two had so many memorable moments like drinking the eggs, running the steps, chasing the chickens, and all the training moments.

Rocky III was entertaining, especially the scene were Rocky fought Hulk Hogan, AKA “Thunderlips” in a charity match. It combined both boxing and pro wrestling at the same time and was a very funny part of the movie. I also enjoyed Mr. T who was the villain in the movie named Clubber Lang. He had many memorable lines in the movie but of course the best was “I pity the fool!” Rocky III was watchable but it was a little hokey at the same time.

Many people my parents age will always say that Rocky IV is the best because it came out during a time when the USA was at the height of our cold war with the USSR. This Rocky movie took full advantage of that having Rocky fight the Russian champion who had earlier in the movie killed Rocky’s best friend Apollo Creed in the ring. I will say I enjoyed this movie a lot and the music was good as well but I put it at #3 in my ranking.

I will not spend much time on Rocky V as it was simply awful. I am sure Sylvester Stallone had wished he had stopped making Rocky movies after Rocky IV.  So, my final Rocky movie rankings are as follows:

  1. Rocky II
  2. Rocky
  3. Rocky IV
  4. Rocky III
  5. Rocky V

I have not seen Rocky Balboa as of yet so I am not including it in my rankings.

I have heard that it is better than Rocky V, which wouldn’t be hard, but I will watch it as well to judge for myself. I did not include the two Creed movies in this list because even though Rocky was in the movies, he was no longer the main character and was no longer fighting.




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