The Curious Life of Jack

     Eighth-grade is the bridge between Junior High and High School. Each grade level has its challenges, but for me, eighth grade’s challenges were exciting. Finally,  I was able to take advanced classes, this represented the end of junior high. With the challenge of new, advanced classes, I had to adapt and create new academic goals. These goals were managed my time better, earning a high GPA ,and not getting overwhelmed by school.


     This year I had high school classes, which meant more homework. The high school classes I had were Algebra and Introduction to Agriculture. Even though English was not a high school class, it was my worst subject. The beginning of the year was tough, I had to learn an entirely new set of grammar rules, and I was ready to quit. I devoted most of my time to English ,and I saw results. I felt accomplished, because at the start of the year my hopes of attaining and maintaining a good grade in an English class were miles away but was I wrong. During the year I was able to excel in many of my other classes. My favorite subject was agriculture; I was able to learn and conduct hands-on learning activities. All of these new classes paved the way for new goals


     With that in mind, I had to make those goals. I had made three goals at the beginning of the year, managed my time, earn a high GPA and finally don’t get overwhelmed by school.Not being overwhelmed might sound easy to some, but not for me.My main focus during the year keeping above average grades. After a few weeks of my parents realized I was in distress, they told me that I need to take a step back and not be so stressed out. The support of my parents was helpful. 


     My second goal was to retain a high GPA. Highschool classes helped me work harder during the year because they would affect my highschool GPA . GPAs are very important. So taking these advanced classes shows colleges that at a young age I was eager to learn. Maintaining a good GPA is important when applying to college. I would like to attend a four-year, liberal arts college, such as Wabash College. Wabash has the small school aspect that I like because it would allow me to build  a relationship with my professors.

     Time management is about looking at the tasks ahead and organizing a schedule. Up until last year, my time management skills were not good. My procrastination decreased, and I was better able to manage my time.


     Eighth-grade was a good year because I had the opportunity to shape my education with classes that I chose. Difficult times, such as academic struggles, helped me to grow as a person. In short, eight grade gave me the tools to thrive in ninth grade and beyond.

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