Which Restaurant has the best Oatmeal?

Which Restaurant has the best Oatmeal?

Oatmeal is one of the healthiest foods you could ever eat. It helps lower cholesterol, has a large amount of fiber, contains antioxidants, and is low-fat. Plus, it tastes really good. Oatmeal is one of my favorite foods and is my go-to at many popular restaurant chains, including Panera Bread, McDonalds, Bob Evans, and Ihop. The question is, which chain has the best oatmeal?

Just to clarify, my opinions will be based on three distinct factors-price, taste, and nutrition content.

By far, the worst oatmeal on the list was Panera Bread. Their steel-cut oatmeal comes topped with strawberries, brown sugar cinnamon and chopped pecans. This oatmeal tasted good, but I was not satisfied while I was eating it for the simple fact that it was extremely dry and hot. My mouth was burning the whole time I was eating it. This did not make for a positive oatmeal experience. The nutrition content was also less than stellar. This dish was 360 calories and packed a whopping 15 grams of fat due to the added pecans. Along with having the most fat, this oatmeal was also the most expensive. The dish cost a whopping $5.19. 

Coming in 3rd was Ihop. There was nothing really bad about this option, but there was nothing special either. The lackluster taste and appearance is buoyed slightly by the nutrition content. The oatmeal had only 260 calories and five grams of fat as well as eight grams of protein. The price was not ideal as I paid a fairly high $3.49 for the cup of oatmeal. This dish could best be described as average.

The runner up for best oatmeal was McDonalds. They offer a Fruit and Maple Oatmeal with a touch of cream. It’s loaded with sliced apples, cranberries, and two varieties of raisins for a healthy, wholesome meal. Unlike the lower ranking options, the oatmeal was still moist and at a perfect temperature. This item tastes great and is good for you too. It clocks in at 310 calories with 4 grams of fat and 6 grams of protein. It was also the most affordable of the four options. It only cost me $1.99. This is an incredible price for a good meal.

The best oatmeal that I tried was the Bob Evans Steel Cut Oats. This delicious and filling bowl of oatmeal comes with small cups of brown sugar and milk. This is what sets it apart from its competition. The brown sugar and milk contribute a great sweetness and delectable creaminess. Bob Evans also had the most nutritious oatmeal. It was only 210 calories and four grams of fat. With the milk added, it had 8 grams of protein. It was also pretty affordable. I paid only $2.89 for the cup of oatmeal. While this is higher than the McDonalds oatmeal, the quality of the Bob Evans variation made it the clear winner. The combination of quality, affordability, and nutrition makes this meal a ten out of ten.

While I would recommend the Bob Evans option if specifically seeking out oatmeal, I would endorse any of these dishes if you happen to find yourself at a McDonalds, Ihop, Panera Bread or Bob Evans. Even the worst oatmeal would be a better and more nutritious option than just about anything else on any of the respective menus. If you are an oatmeal fanatic like me, however, I would recommend making a trip to Bob Evans very soon. Try adding a side of fresh fruit to complete your meal!


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