Homecoming, Say What??

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Homecoming, Say What??


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It’s so close! One of the best weeks of high school is drawing near. Homecoming week is September 9th through the 13th! The staff and students are preparing for this crazy, energetic week. This week is made to get students excited  to support our football team as they take on their opponents on their very own field. 

To start off the week, the students are going to have dress up days for each day of the week. 

Monday – Hawaiian day  (wear your flowers and leis and be ready for the beach) 

Tuesday- Tie dye Tuesday (wear anything and everything that is tie dye) 

Wednesday- Decade day (dress as if you were from another decade such as the 80’s)

Thursday- Jersday Thursday (wear your favorite jersey!) 

Friday- Spirit day (wear your Lewis Cass gear and come ready to rumble) 

The student council encourages all the students to dress up for these days to show school spirit. 

The school’s first big event for homecoming will be on Wednesday, September 11th. This will be the powder-puff game and the annual variety show. The powder-puff game will consist of juniors and sophomores vs. freshmen and seniors. This is purely for enjoyment! This game will begin at 6 p.m. Right after the game, the variety show will begin. Our hosts for this year are Samuel Miller, Ally Carden, Carl Jay, and Rachel Carden. The seniors are so excited to see the slideshow and the skits all come together because it’s something us seniors can be remembered by. 

Then the next event is the day of Homecoming!!! At the end of our school day, the whole school will gather in the big gym. We will then begin the pep rally (the school song, the fun dances, and the competitive games). After this, it’s time to get pumped up for the game! 

The homecoming game will take place at 7 p.m. vs. Tipton. However, people will show up early for the crowning of the homecoming king, which takes place before the game. This year the court for the next king consists of Isaac Chambers, Gabe Eurit, Easton Good, Corbin Adams, and Carl Jay. Who will be the next king? Come to the game to find out! The Queen will be crowned at halftime. The court for the girls includes Hannah Young, Jacey Grimm, Bailey Young, Ally Carden, and myself. We are all so excited to have this experience. Although we all have different reasons to our excitement, we are all honored to be on court. Carl Jay said “I am excited to be on court for a couple different reasons! First, when I was six, in 2007, my brother took me to the homecoming game to be a part of the paint crew. It was the first time I was aware of the homecoming court. Since then, I have always wanted to make the court! Second, I like to think that I have a positive presence in the high school. By being elected to be in court, my classmates have reaffirmed this belief for me.” Jacey, on the other hand, says “ I am excited to be on homecoming court due to the fact of being able to represent my school. I have always been a big part of school spirit, and I am honored and blessed that people chose me to be on the homecoming court.” 

Please come support our football team next Friday on September 13th! Our student section theme is spirit wear, so wear our school colors! Don’t forget to dress up throughout the week, but most importantly don’t forget to have fun!!

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