Effects of Hurricane Dorian


BBC News image of the destruction caused by the hurricane

Many residents of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina are preparing for or dealing with the effects of Hurricane Dorian. A hurricane can produce many dangers and threats to living areas; some of these dangers include storms, rain, floods, and strong winds. No form of prevention exists for an intense storm like this, so numerous residents of these areas have been forced to evacuate their homes to ensure safety. The uncertainty of when the hurricane will finally end also poses a threat and frightens many people. 

Many groups and businesses have come together to provide help and assistance to the victims of the hurricane. According to a Kokomo Tribune article, “28 Indiana Red Cross volunteers are in multiple states, as Hurricane Dorian makes landfall towards the U.S. southeastern coast.” The American Red Cross is working hard to provide help and medical assistance to those in need. Members of the Red Cross are also asking for blood donations to help with those injured from the hurricane.     

Hurricane Dorian also brought intense damage to the Bahamas. The hurricane was a Category 5 hurricane as it damaged many parts of the Bahamas; however, it has been brought down to a Category 1 hurricane. According to an article from BBC News, about 70,000 people are in need of food and shelter. The damage to the communities of the Bahamas was devastating, and they looked “almost as though nuclear bombs were dropped on them.” USAID is one organization that is currently working with the government of the Bahamas to provide help with shelters, medical assistance, and other necessities for the victims of the hurricane. 

Dorian was downgraded to a post-tropical cyclone instead of a hurricane; however, the storm still had strong impacts on parts of Canada. The wind and rain from the storm took down many trees in Nova Scotia, and many communities were left without power. The dangerous effects of the storm have now died down, so we can only hope that the numerous victims receive the help and care that they need.  

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