A Different Kind of Food Review

A Different Kind of Food Review


People often do not try new foods because automatically they think they won’t like it. These same people most likely would never try a “weird” or “different” kind of food combination. I believe that you should always try new food because you’ll never know if you truly don’t like something until you’ve tasted it. With that thought in mind, I wondered if anyone I knew would recommend a new taste to me. I decided that I would interview a few students at Lewis Cass who have a unique taste for certain food combinations, and then I will try them myself! 

Hannah Plauschin, a sophomore, likes to combine chocolate milk with french vanilla coffee creamer. She said, “I love chocolate milk a lot, and I have an extreme case of the ‘sweet tooth.’ So, one day I was making my chocolate milk, and I just really wanted something sweet. As I was looking for something sweet to eat, I thought of putting french vanilla creamer into my chocolate milk. It was the best decision of my life. I can hardly drink my chocolate milk any other way.“ At first I was taken aback by the idea, but after tasting it I realised it was actually very good. There was an abundance of sweetness but also not too much. To me it kind of tasted like iced hot chocolate. I definitely recommend this drink to anyone who likes sweet chocolatey drinks.

Cayl Garland, a senior, likes to put A1 sauce on his eggs. He said, “I never really thought about combining them until I went on vacation and we had steak and eggs and then I tried just to see if it was good and it was amazing. It was a little sweet but not too much so it tasted great. Everyone should try it. They would love it.” When I was making this food combo, I was slightly worried because I don’t ever really eat A1. I thought maybe I wouldn’t like it because it would be a completely new taste to me; however, I was completely wrong. A1 on eggs is possibly one of the best combinations I had tried all night. Unlike how Cayl thought that the sauce added a sweet taste to the eggs, for me the sauce added a slight tang that made them taste even better. I liked it a lot and I also recommend it to everyone.

Leah Wilison, a sophomore, also likes to put A1 sauce on food, but this time it’s pickles. She said, “I really like A1 sauce and put it on nearly everything. I really like pickles too. So boom. Pickle A1 sauce combo. I recommend this food combination to anyone who likes A1 sauce as much as I do. You will never regret tasting pickles and A1 together. The two foods were practically made for each other. Trust me.” Having two people tell me that they like A1 sauce on a food was kind of crazy. I hadn’t ever had it till today. I really liked the A1 sauce on the eggs but with a pickle, it kind of reminded me as if I was eating a warhead. I’m sorry Leah, I was confident it would taste very good with your recommendation, but to me the combo was very sour and hard to eat. I do not recommend eating this combo if you are sensitive to sour foods, but if you aren’t, you may just like it.

Aleya Mygrant, a sophomore, likes to dip her hot cheetos into her strawberry smoothies. She said, “ I basically used to make strawberry smoothies all the time, and one day I ate hot cheetos while I was making it. So I just thought to myself, ‘What would these taste like together?’ I immediately thought, ‘Mmmm wow!’ The taste was great.” Personally, I really like hot cheetos and strawberry shakes, so I didn’t think that this combination would be bad at all. When I tried the two together, they didn’t really have a unique taste to them. It was as if the food’s polar opposite tastes canceled each other out and made nothing. I also may have not bought the same kind of cheetos or strawberry shake that Aleya uses, which could alter our two different tastes. I don’t think it was bad; however, I can’t see myself eating this in the future regardless of the right ingredients.

CJ Burrous, a Senior, likes to mix peanut butter into his mac’n’cheese. He said, “I put peanut butter on almost everything, and so I figured I would try it on Macaroni and Cheese. It’s a good mix of creamy, salty, and sweet. It tastes really good and gives you a lot of protein. I think everyone should try it at least once.” This was probably the food combo I was most worried about. Sorry CJ, but this did not sound too appetizing to me. As I was mixing the peanut butter together with the macaroni, I noticed that it became very creamy with the cheese. When I tasted it, the combination was even creamier than it looked; although I had earlier been dreading this food, it actually wasn’t that bad. To me it tasted slightly like the cheesy peanut butter crackers that one buys from the store only times ten. I recommend this to anyone who really enjoys those crackers or likes creamy foods.

In conclusion, I tasted many different kinds of food today that I probably never would have, and I even liked some of them! Everyone likes different food, and some have unique tastes. I believe everyone should at least try a food before saying they don’t like it because you may end up loving it. I know that from now on I may drink my chocolate milk with coffee creamer or even eat my eggs with A1 forever. Never be afraid to try a new food because it may just be your new favorite.

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