The Fall of the Comets

Tuesday's Volleyball Game

The Fall of the Comets

The excitement, nerves, and high energy I have remained the same before every game. My coach runs into the locker room yelling, allowing my team and me to hit the peak of our excitement. We get through our warm-ups feeling confident, and we were ready to play.  

On Tuesday, September 10th, Lewis Cass volleyball had a home match against Caston. We were extremely excited to play, and we all were ready to play hard. We all knew how desperately we wanted to win. This was our revenge match against them, considering we lost to them in a previous tournament. We knew we could beat Caston, and we wanted to prove it on the court. 

We went into the first set confident. We played hard, and we fought for every point. Jacey Grimm saved a ball headed into the stands early on in the first set, allowing us to earn the point. Taylor Rodabaugh served aggressively to obtain the lead. We continued to push and we collected points one by one. Rylee Holt has a kill, and then after they return it, she taps the ball over their block. The ball hits the floor with no one on their side able to get it up. Madison Rodabaugh had a run of eight serves giving us a nine-point lead. We continue to rack up points, and we eventually won the first set 25-16.

By the time the next set started, we were ready and knew what to expect. My teammates and I were more confident starting this set with a win under our belts. We started with an early lead. We won the first point, allowing us to serve and gain three more points. There were many long volleys. Caston bettered their playing, and we made more mistakes. The majority of the points that Caston won was due to our errors. We began to pick it up towards the middle of the set, and we pushed through when we made mistakes. A main issue through the second set was allowing Caston to get long streaks of points, and we lost our lead. Even when we would lose our lead, we still pushed through and fought. Rylee Holt ended the second set with a kill. The score was 25-18. We won the second set, and we had one more set left. 

The third set began with a kill by Jacey Grimm. Paxtyn Hicks had an ace and three more points allowing us to take the lead. We were much more aggressive at the net. Taylor Rodabaugh, Kadie Cornell, and Jacey Grimm all had killed the ball around the same time. Caston now had the ball. One of their hitters was approaching the ball that was set to them, and they attempted to attack the ball. This effort was to no avail; Averi Parker blocked the hit, sending it back over to their side. The score this set was closer than the other two sets. Caston was playing more aggressive. Rylee Holt had a kill making the score eighteen to fifteen, and we were winning. Jacey Grimm had a kill, and it was now our game point. The energy in the gym was high. Rylee Holt finished the set with a kill to win game three. We won the last set 25-20, and we won the match against Caston. 

We have improved so much since last year, and I know that we will only improve from here. I know we can play better than we did last night, but I am still proud of us. We did not let Caston get in our heads when they would take the lead. I am so excited to see what the season holds, and what we are able to accomplish as a team. 

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