Cheating: Why do students do it?

Why is it so popular?

Cheating: Why do students do it?

Cheating is something almost everyone has done at least once or twice. It is a common thing, but why do people do it? Cheating is something constantly talked about in the school system. Cheating has always been around, but recently, more and more students are taking part in it. It is always depicted in a bad light, but I do not think people are realizing why cheating is so popular. 

One reason cheating has become so popular is because students are put under so much stress to always perform well and exceed expectations. I constantly have a full schedule and no free time. I like having a schedule and keeping busy, but school and sports can be very stressful. When it begins to be too much for some students, cheating is a much easier alternative than actually having to do the assignment. Plenty of students cheat on little things as though it is no big deal, but all that does is make it easier to cheat on bigger assignments and tests. Cheating is something so easy to do with unlimited sources on the internet, cellphones, and students who will let others look at their answers. Those reasons, plus many more, make cheating so popular. Our society is so lazy. Slacking off is prevalent in today’s society. In school, sports, and jobs, people are constantly not trying as hard as they could. If students lack integrity, cheating when no one is looking can be a common phenomenon. 

Another reason cheating has become so popular has to do with school iself. I feel as though school has emphasized good grades and getting assignments turned in on time more than actually learning something or taking something valuable from the subject. School has shown us that good grades can get students awards, popularity, and even scholarships. Getting the homework done quickly and easily is praised more than asking questions and really learning the material. It is easier for teachers when they teach and everyone understands the material. With all of the late policies and little time to get the work done, it seems like students are supposed to get the work done regardless of the fact that they may not understand it. 

A third reason I believe cheating has become so popular is the material itself. Topics in school can be boring and not helpful. If I do not think it will help me at all when I get older, I struggle to find the desire to put my time and effort into it now. For example, many topics covered in algebra II seemed like it would not help me with anything when I get older. Learning about chemical reactions and how substances combine simply seems useless to me. When learning about a topic that one is not interested in, the work seems boring and useless. The student no longer has a drive to do the assignment, making it easier to cheat. 

My last reason why I believe cheating has become so popular is parents. Not all parents, but some parents can be very strict when it comes to grades and test scores. When parents threaten to punish students for their grades, it can be very tempting cheat. It is hard to not want to insure a good grade by cheating when something you care about is on the line. Parents can also have very high standards for their children. Personally, I hate letting my parents down. If a students knows they will disappoint their parents with a bad grade, it makes it easier to cheat. 

To conclude, cheating is something many people struggle with and it is a very common thing. Schools need to be more aware of what they could potentially be doing to aid students with cheating. I think schools should enforce comprehending and learning a new topic instead of just getting good grades. 



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