First Field Trip in Forever


High schoolers today do not go to many, if not any field trips, but we sure do miss those glory days when we did. Not having to bring the heavy backpack to school the day of the field trip and only packing a sack of lunch, which was usually almost always Subway, and going in groups with one’s closest friends were always the days we all looked forward to the most. Many memories were definitely made in each field trip and all of the unique trips we had taken will be sorely missed. As we grow up, we go to less and less field trips, but I believe that we should be going to even more during high school.

I take AP Environment and Science class and I know others who takes AP Biology as a class too, and we all have a field trip on this coming Wednesday. It has been what feels like forever since my last field trip, and I could not be more ecstatic. We are going rafting and learning about the environment on the fun field trip as well. We all can’t wait to make more memories but sad that this will only be one out of barely a handful of field trips the rest of our high school career. I do not like the idea of ending field trips for specific grades in high school unless they take a class that is specifically going to a field trip.

Not being able to go on as many field trips anymore is really a sad thing and makes many people miss their childhood as well as lazy to learn in school. Waking up early and spending all day at school trying so hard to be focused and not having any fun days to look forward to is very depressing and gives that student no motivation. Yes, I know that going to school is not about having fun all the time and all but being able to have field trips to be interested and invested in school can really help a person learn better. 

Honestly, field trips can help cliques socialize with other cliques and make new friends and lots of memories that one will remember for his or her lifetime. I know that I remember all of my field trips and most exhilarating things that we had done. My all time favorite field trip was in fourth grade and we had been the first class to go to the dunes trip which consisted of two nights and three days. The fun games and memories we made were beyond incredible and was truly the highlight of our entire school year. Another extremely entertaining field trip that we had was going to the Indy 500; that was just such an amazing time that I can barely describe it in words. 

In conclusion, schools should allow students to go on more field trips as they grow older and become high schoolers. I believe that high schoolers kind of need field trips the most and can truly help to keep us motivated in school and interested in what we learn about in class even more. Of course, the field trips would have to be informing and along the lines of what needs to be learned for whatever it is we are talking about in school. Overall, I think that high schoolers should be allowed to go to field trips as a whole grade because of all the beneficial factors that comes along with it.