Will it actually be Banned?

All flavored e-cigarettes are now endangered


“Trump freaks out about vaping.” 

In case you didn’t know, vaping and juuling has become a major world problem. When these two chemicals were introduced to the world, their purpose was to be a healthier alternative to smoking. I’m not sure if people understand this, but this so called “healthy alternative” has people biting the dust. 

Last week, the President Donald Trump finally decided to do something about this. The officials at the White House announced they were asking FDA (Food and Drug Administration) to take all flavored e-cigarettes off the market. They then addressed Juul labs, “which controls over two-thirds of America’s e-cig market.” Juul labs have been taking other blows for not meeting regulations, and this argument is really burning their businesses to the ground. 

In an article by Alex Norcia, he writes people are arguing that prohibition is never a good thing. I believe the reason is that when one is told “no” it makes he/she want to do it more; everyone has been in that situation. However, if something isn’t legal, it becomes a whole lot harder to get ahold of, but I’m not saying it’s impossible.  With prohibiting drugs, the black market will form. According to Gregory Conley, the president of the American Vaping Association, a black market for vaping products doesn’t exist in America. Although people want to keep it this way, people also want e-cigarettes to become illegal. As a result, people should know they can’t please everyone, the decision has to be made. 

On the other hand, I would like to know why it took “at least 450 cases of vape related illnesses and six deaths” to make people see that these substances are dangerous. As mentioned earlier, they were created as a healthier alternative, but they have simply been overused. People aren’t just using them as an alternative but rather to “be cool” or to “fit in.” 

Now let’s look at the solutions. Most people are drawn to Juuls and vapes due to the fact that they are flavored. People are making e-cigarettes that are supposed to be bad for others look appetizing. In fact, eight different flavors exist. Of course people had to create eight different flavors to appeal to everyone in contrast to just a few people with just a few different flavors. Am I the only one who sees a problem with this? 

In conclusion, people thought that e-cigarettes are a healthier option because it didn’t contain several chemicals beyond Nicotine that regular cigars have , but later people realized e-cigarettes do contain some of these chemicals. E-cigarettes are being overused, and it’s time to put them to an end. Trump isn’t overacting, everyone else is underreacting. You may not see this as a serious problem because it may not pertain to you, but think what if it were one of your loved ones that were near their deathbed due to e-cigarettes? 



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