A Fun Night with New and Old Friends



Almost everyone has friends who make the time fly by. When I’m with my friends, I am constantly laughing and having a great time. I was able to do just that this past weekend. Kyah Preston, Dawson Goldsberry, Alfonso Carrillo, and I all made plans to see IT Chapter 2 on Saturday. 

To begin the evening, my mom and I picked up Alfonso and Kyah. On the way to the movies we all shared tons of laughs and inside jokes. We talked about our friends, families, and relationships. We took turns speaking in each other’s accents and shared several laughs over the matter. Alfonso is from Chile, and he is a foreign exchange student this year. Kyah introduced him to me, and we immediately became friends. Dawson and I have been friends since first grade, so hanging out with him again was nice. Kyah and I have been best friends for a long time, so my night consisted of being with brand new friends and long time friends. 

Once we finally arrived at the theater, Dawson was already waiting for us inside. We walked in excited to be scared. Everyone except for Kyah had seen the first IT, so we all knew it was going to be a thrilling evening. We all took our seats. We talked and caught up until the movie began to play. 

The movie started off very scary and suspenseful. I will not spoil it, but I was not expecting the beginning. Alfonso scared me during all of the suspenseful parts, making the movie even more scary for me. Kyah talked constantly throughout the entire movie, making Alfonso, Dawson, and I laugh. Kyah was confused throughout the movie because she never had the opportunity to see the first one. Alfonso and I laughed when she was confused, but then I proceeded to explain it to her. As the movie continued, we got more and more bored. This movie is way too long to keep some people interested. IT Chapter 2 is a whopping two hours and fifty minutes long. Kyah even fell asleep! I was only amused the whole time because I was with my friends. The movie was interesting, but after the first two hours, we were all slightly bored. 

After the movie concluded, we all walked out of the theater. Dawson left, and we all said our goodbyes to him. Alfonso, Kyah, and I all met my mom in the car. We all thought the night was over. I suggested we go to Taco Bell because I was very hungry. Spontaneously, we call Dawson and continue our night at Taco Bell. We laughed and had a lot of fun eating and enjoying each others company. We talked about the movie, football, and jokes that we all shared. After we ate, we took some pictures and said our goodbyes for the second time that night. Kyah, Alfonso, and I packed into my car and take off again, heading home this time. We laughed and joked in the car on the way back. It seems as though it was all we did that night. 

Hanging out with good friends is something I will never take for granted. I had so much fun, and I know everyone else did as well. We are already making plans to hang out again! I love making news friends, and I will always cherish my old friends who have always stuck with me.

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