The Ultimate Binge-Worthy Show

The Office

The Ultimate Binge-Worthy Show


Television shows can be legendary and impact a plethora of people. Some are just that good, and some are not. Those certain shows become a part of society and are referenced often. Culture, people, and other forms of entertainment are affected by those golden television shows. Individuals spend hours binge watching shows causing them to become attached to the characters, reproduce its vocabulary and fashion, and let it affect his or her personality or the way one sees things. When thinking of this, The Office, the beloved show, comes to mind. 

The Office is an American sitcom based upon the mundane lifestyle at an office. The characters for The Office were hand picked similarly of those in the British version. The pilot was first aired in March 24th, 2005, and right from the beginning, the sitcom was a booming success. After fourteen years, The Office is a show still enjoyed by many and often referenced in humorous or ironic situations. Admiring viewers have spent 52.1 billion minutes streaming the completed NBC series, according to I, myself, am wrapping up my second time of streaming the series. 

The Office is definitely one of the most successful shows reaching to all age ranges while spreading smiles and laughs to everyone. What makes it so successful and timeless? For me, it would be the characters. Pam Beasley, played by Jenna Fischer, begins as the office receptionist. Beasley is a helpless character who wants to become more of herself and stop settling for less. As the series progresses, her persona and energy definitely develops to be more positive, especially after finally starting a romantic relationship with Jim Halpert, played by John Krasinski. This sarcastic salesman is a very funny and relatable character always having a prank up his sleeve, specifically against his co-worker, Dwight Shrute. Played by Rainn Wilson, Dwight Schrute is a blunt local beet farmer, Battlestar Galactica fanatic, fire and police deputy volunteer, and the Assistant (to) the Regional Manager, Michael Scott. The manager is a big role to fill and Michael Scott, played by Steve Carell, is the perfect guy for it. He brings humor in all forms while bringing the whole office together as a family. 

The more minor characters include Oscar Martinez, the smart homosexual played by Oscar Nunez, Angela Martin, the uptight cat-lover played by Angela Kinsey, and Keven Malone, the clueless food fanatic played by Brian Baumgartner, make up the Accounting Department. Phylis Vance, the gentle wife to Bob Vance played by Phylis Smith, Stanley Hudson, a grumpy crossword-puzzler played by Leslie David Baker, and Andy Bernard, a lively anger-management victim played by Ed Helms, are members of the Sales Department. Meredith Palmer, a provocative alcoholic played by Kate Flannery, and Creed Bratton, a strange old-man played by Creed Bratton, have unknown roles at the workplace. Kelly Kapoor, the talkative romantic played by Mindy Kaling, Ryan Howard, the vain temp played by B.J. Novak, and Toby Flenderson, the hated human resources representative, make up the annex. 

The Office is one of my favorite shows, and I love all the characters. Each individual brings extreme personality and humor, which is what makes the sitcom so timeless. The characters demonstrate love and a sense of togetherness, as their bond is almost like a family. It is a unique show full of comedy, romance, drama, and thrill. I believe The Office will stay successful in the future because as one is watching, he or she will definitely become attached to the characters making it a loved show by many. 

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