A Monumental Birthday



A huge part of my personality is the desire to be independent. I watch my friends’ houses whenever they’re gone and will take any chance to learn more at my jobs. I pay attention to the marketing aspects of both of my jobs and how it affects consumers and their opinions. It may sound as if I’m too eager to grow up, but I actually want to be prepared for when I graduate high school. My mom always tells me to stop “wishing my life away,” and I agree. I appreciate the fact that I’m getting older and more mature. On the contrary, I need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. 

Over the weekend I celebrated my 18th birthday with my friends and family. It all started on Friday night at my friend Tyler’s house. He is seven years older, and he’s become a very influential person to me. I’m the person he calls when he leaves town for a few days. He gives me many opportunities to become more independent and take on bigger responsibilities at work. These instances make me appreciate the fact that I’m becoming older. 

After a long night of celebrating, I woke up to many messages and phone calls. I went to a cookout Saturday afternoon and visited with many of my family members. I received the usual “you’re getting too old,” and “stop growing up so fast,” from my relatives. It’s weird to think I’m actually an adult now, but I am beyond happy to be surrounded by many people that want the best for me. 

I went skydiving that evening with my cousin. That alone became the craziest experience of my entire life. This entire process took about four hours. The training video lasts 30 minutes, and then I sat through what felt like an eternity of forecasts. At 7:30 p.m. I finally suited up for the jump. The instructions are simple: hold onto both straps, head back, arch your back, and pull your legs back behind the instructor. My tandem partner and I jumped out of the plane at 13,000 feet. The atmosphere is serene and clear. After free-falling for around 60 seconds, my partner launched the parachute. The next few minutes were devoid of every noise except our voices and the wind. 

Despite the circumstances, I never became nervous to jump out of the airplane or fall at over 200 mph. I felt on top of the world with zero worries or concerns. This gift made my birthday worthwhile, and it became the best birthday yet. I truly felt independent as if I could do anything on my own. In the grass by the hangar, I landed and instantly beamed with happiness. My birthday was a success, and whoever seeks a thrill, I urge him to try it out. Seek discomfort and explore your personality.

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