Brandy Melville

Brandy Melville

If one has ever heard about the store Brandy Melville, he or she has also possibly heard about how cute, fashionable, and trendy the clothes are. Brandy Melville has taken over the fashion game with plenty of new trends. Brandy Melville is geared for teen girls and young women. I have heard of the brand, but I have never made any purchases there. Recently, my eyes were opened by the fact that Brandy Melville sells clothes that are not only “one size fits all,” or “fits size small,” but also, too petite for a majority of girls and women. 

After making this discovery, I decided to do some research of my own. On Brandy Melville’s website, a vast majority of their clothing sizes are “fits size small.” The average size for their jeans is twenty-five inches. That is the equivalent to a size zero or two. I, myself, am not a size zero, and I never will be. Even though I am perfectly fine with that, it makes me sad thinking of all the body-conscious women and teens struggling with that fact. The average waist size for a woman is around thirty-one to thirty-three inches. There is a significant difference between those two numbers, and this shows that Brandy Melville only markets to teens and women who are thin and can fit into small sizes. 

An argument some may have is that there are exclusively plus size stores, so why is it bad to have exclusively small size stores? I asked some of my peers for their opinions on this topic. Aleya Mygrant says, “Plus size stores have a range from large, all the way to 4XL. This statement (referring to the question presented) is flawed because there are no regular sizes (such as medium and large) at Brandy Melville. There is a large range at plus size stores, and they are more inclusive.”

Kaylie Williams says, “I don’t completely agree with the fact they only sell small sizes, but they should not be bashed for it. There are stores that do not include small sizes, but this doesn’t mean they hate skinnier people, they just choose to cater to larger women. This gives me a reason to think that Brandy Melville is the same way, and they are just choosing not to cater to larger women.” Our society has made it socially acceptable to be thin and unacceptable to be bigger. This has pushed people to believe that they need to be skinny just to fit in. Brandy Melville only adds to this belief. Seeing such a popular, trendy store only that only carries small sizes can be very upsetting for some girls. Some girls just simply cannot fit into these tiny sizes, and this can be detrimental to their self-worth and self-love. 

Talking to my peers about this controversial topic has been interesting. People have different views because of their personal beliefs and the sizes they wear. Brandy Melville and other brands that only sell small sizes have a hand in some of the issues girls may have with their bodies. This is an issue, and it is shaping our society to only accept thin, skinny people. There is nothing wrong with purchasing their clothes if you like them and want to wear them, but think of this article the next time you make your purchase. 


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