Social Media: Rival Apps

Snapchat vs Instagram

Social Media: Rival Apps

The younger generation of today’s world is known to be all over technology, specifically our phones. What exactly are we doing on them? Some could be playing games, talking to people, looking up important information, or they could be doing the inevitable, scrolling through social media. A couple of the very popular social media apps are Instagram and Snapchat. Pretty much everyone I know that is around my age has either one or the other. But which one is better?

Instagram is one of the many media platforms where one has to scroll down a long page of posts that people have made about themselves or what they are doing. People can also message others in the direct message box and share posts to their friends. Instagram is also a way to stay updated with the world because many people post about current events. I know that most of the crazy events that I find out about is through Instagram. These could include the election, the Amazon Rainforest on fire, the young girl Greta Thunberg’s speech, and many other situations.

In addition, one can add “stories” to his or her’s account which display pictures, polls, hashtags, or even play songs for 24 hours at a time. Anyone can see these stories and/or one’s pictures/videos one posts if he or she is not private. Being private means that only the people someone allows to follow them can see anything they post. This is a safer route for people who are worried about strangers following their page.

Instagram has many positives to it and it is very popular. According to Parkway Digital as of mid-2018, Instagram has over one billion users world-wide. Not only is that a lot of people, but it is believed that it is an even split between males and females. This means that Instagram is popular amongst anyone.

Snapchat is the rival social media app to Instagram. This app allows one to send pictures, messages, and videos to one’s friends instantly. One can also create a “story” to his or her account for up to 24 hours. As I had mentioned stories before with Instagram, Snapchat was the first app to actually have them. I like stories because it allows me to see all of the crazy activities my friends are doing and the realness behind it. Sometimes I feel like Instagram is just used for the “perfect photos,” but Snapchat is used for everything.

Another great feature Snapchat has is called memories. This feature allows one to save any photo or video that he or she takes to a separate camera roll on his/her phone. Personally, I like this feature a lot because my phone camera roll is always cluttered and full, so the memories feature allows me to save even more photos and videos to my phone. Amongst memories, one can even have a “my eyes only” which takes a passcode to get into these photos. This insures privacy on certain photos/videos one may not want anyone to see.

Like Instagram, Snapchat is a very popular app. According to the website Business of Apps, Snapchat has 186 million daily users. Instagram has one billion users, but some of those accounts could be inactive or lost; however, Snapchat has over 100 million daily users. 

Bella Panmei, a junior, likes Snapchat more than Instagram. She said, “I like Snapchat more than Instagram because I feel like Snapchat is more real, and Instagram is more about being picture perfect. Snapchat is more about capturing the reality of life and Instagram is more filtered and cautious of posts.”

McKayla Thompson, a senior, likes Instagram more than Snapchat. She said, “Instagram allows me to see pictures of families and friends together, rather than just the boring old selfies. Snapchat is filled with filtered pictures, and Instagram reveals more of the real world and the stuff happening within it. Also I can explore on Instagram without adding everyone as a friend, which makes me more aware of what is happening in the world today.” 

Hannah Plauschin, a sophomore, likes both Snapchat and Instagram. She said, “I have been using Instagram for a long time, and I believe it allows for users to express themselves more with the highlights of their life. Instagram promotes a lot of creativity through the stories, IGTV’s, and posts. Snapchat is more of the behind the scenes of the “highlights” from peoples’ lives. It shows the real, crazy, dramatic, and embarrassing moments with funny filters, sounds, and stickers.”

To gather even more information, I did a poll on Instagram that asked, “Which one is better, Snapchat or Instagram?” I left it up for 24 hours and the results were not what I expected. Out of 110 people who answered, 58% said Snapchat and 42% said Instagram. I had expected Snapchat to be a winner but not by that much. 

In conclusion, Snapchat and Instagram are very popular social media apps. They both have millions to billions of users and are especially popular amongst the younger generation. After all of this information I have gathered, I still am not sure which one is better. Which one do you think is better? Snapchat or Instagram?


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