The Forgotten Men On the Front Lines

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The Forgotten Men On the Front Lines


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Many people are involved in the victory over the Western Panthers, 49-20. The people most recognized for it are the backs. They are the ones who get Mr. Football or player of the year. They are the ones who get all the glory and all the reward, but what people do not understand is that it takes 11 people to win a game. It takes aggressive, big linemen to win the game.The offensive line is very underrated and get little credit when the team does well but get all the blame when the line doesn’t do well. As a team we all understand that whatever happens it is a team effort, but the fans don’t understand that it’s not all about the backs. The fans and media do not understand that the offensive line is the first line of defense. They are the ones who take the biggest hits, the biggest guys, and the hardest hitters. The offensive line is deep in the trenches taking multiple attacks from defenders.

 Varsity players, Kaleb Lewellen and Isaac Chambers, have the unique views on the same questions. When asked what would be harder mentally, Kaleb Lewellen (guard)  said, “It would be hard as a back just because they have to remember formations and be able to read defenses.”When asked what is harder physically, he said, ”We are constantly hitting people on every play, and putting stress on our muscles that the backs will never understand.” When asked what would happen if the backs didn’t give us the recognition they do, “It would make an impact on our confidence and make us not want to block for them because at the end of the day they are the only ones who recognise us.”

 When I asked a back these same question, Isaac Chambers (quarterback) said “ being a back is menatally harder because they have to remember different formations, and different routes that they have to run even though they may not run those routes often.” He also said “The line is harder physically because they meet force on force every play and take the big hits to protect us.” Finally he said “If we didn’t thank you guys for blocking for us and credit the line, you guys would not want to block for us and the team would fall apart because you guys don’t have any heart to protect us.” 

Although they have a unique view it is focused around the same point that without the offensive line nothing gets done. In the game Friday night against the Western Panthers, we were down at half by one touchdown because no one was ready to put up a fight. We came out thinking we could win it with no effort, and the line was not doing the best in the first half, but in the second half we came out and scored on the second or third play because the line made a big gaping hole that a semi could drive through. The backs knew that although we made a big hole they needed to get through it fast because it could close at any second. 

It is a team effort that kept Western to almost zero yards in the fourth quarter. Because the defensive line started controlling the line of scrimmage, unlike the first half, we out scored Western 42-6 in the second half. The offensive line and defensive line controlled the line of scrimmage the rest of the game to help us win. 

For example, Nathaniel Moss (offensive tackle) made an amazing play when he hit number 60 on Westerns defensive line it knocked the guy out and it made a hole so big that our running back could wait years to run through it. This game depended on controlling the line of scrimmage so our backs could do their jobs. If we got pushed back on defense, our linebackers couldn’t make a play, or if we didn’t get a push on the offensive side of the bal,l our backs could have never scored. This game was a team effort and without all eleven guys doing their job, we would have played the whole game as we did the first half. We wouldn’t be number one if we didn’t work together. 

When I asked a fan they had the exact opposite answers. They don’t understand that it’s not all about the backs. They don’t understand that we are like the glue that holds the team together. The average fan who hasn’t played football or doesn’t completely understand football doesn’t know that to be number one we have to work as a team to get the job done.  As a lineman I know that it’s not about me I know that it’s about the team, and even though we don’t get credit, I understand that we do our jobs so the backs can get that recognition. The backs know that they don’t get that recognition without us, so we all know it is a team effort, and win or lose we all have a part in it, it’s just about the matter of working together to give us a good chance at winning. 

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