Sectional preview


     King’s tennis is winding down their season but still has some major tournaments left. Monday at 7 p.m. a sectional draw placed us  in a pool of Carroll, Delphi, Logan, and Twin Lakes. The Kings have talent on their team, and we should be able to put up a good fight. They have trained for a couple days; tonight they will be thrown into the ring of fire against Carroll at 4:45. 

     Our team consists of star senior talents such as CJ Burrous and Brent Johnson.Burrous is the number one singles with 7-9 record but has faced many great tennis players. Johnson is number one doubles with a record of 7-10 and won the 2019 Lewis Cass Invitational with his partner David Woolever, a junior, who has been Brent’s partner for one year. Jack Salyers, a sophomore, is number 2 singles. Last year he was JV singles, and he has really improved. With a record of 6-8, he had a great regular season. The number 2 doubles team is young but has great talent. With freshman Jensen Burrous, brother of CJ, and Dominic Gilbert, a sophomore, a JV player a year ago, this team has come on strong winning four matches. At No. 3 singles the Kings have Gannon Davis, a newcomer to the varsity squad this year
          The Kings have the potential to make it past the Logansport Sectional as a team.. This year Jack thought that the sectional draw was a success because they have faced off against all of the teams except Delphi. I believe that even though we lost some of the matches against these teams; we know how they play in the matches.
  The varsity singles players believe they will do well against Carroll. Davis went three sets against Carroll in a past match so that match will be very good. While Salyers said that he has his match in the “bag.” CJ talked for the whole team and said Carroll will be five to zero sweep; we will beat Logan and our only competition is Twin Lakes, but he also said we will win state. In tennis there are no classes, so if the team does win, they will face Carmel, a huge school, at the regional. .

     Even though this is my first season in tennis, I thought I would make an unbiased prediction. I think that Lewis Cass will barely make it out of sectionals but lose in regionals. I do think that we will just edge out Twin Lakes to make it out of sectionals but lose first round in regionals. There are many good teams in all of the other sectionals that will move on and could stop us in our tracks.

     This year’s team has had its ups and downs, but the only thing that matters now is how they play in sectionals. They have the talent to move on; they just need to play well as a team.

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