“Social media is an amazing tool, but it's really the face-to-face interaction that makes a long-term impact.” -Felicia Day



Living in a world with all kinds of screens in our faces, I find it hard to get a really close human connection on a screen. Walking around the school in the halls, I find myself looking at my phone to avoid eye contact. Is this a problem? Is it just a personal problem or are there others in the world that have been in this situation? When I am around my friends at lunch, I find myself to be a big people person, but when I’m alone or around acquaintances, I am on my phone.

Listen to people talk some time soon. Will you notice how often people are asking how others are? What is the response? In most of the cases I listen to, people are saying “fine” or “good,” but are they really? This is not supposed to be a depressing work, but in an age of mental health focuses and a better worldwide connection than ever, are people afraid to say how they really are?

On paper technology is some of the best things since sliced bread, but how is it affecting people. Yes, we have a never ending 100 questions game in our pockets, but are the real questions people need to know being answered? How many opportunities or moments have been missed? Every generation has said that the youngest generation is awful, but there are social skills that younger people need to know, including myself.

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