A New Addition in Kokomo

Panda Express



People all over the world have their own favorite foods. These could include pizza, tacos, ice cream, and so on; however, all of these foods can be put into a much more broad generalization. For example, tacos are considered Mexican, and pizza is considered Italian. In my opinion, the best is Chineese food. What restaurant makes the best Chineese food? The answer is 100% Panda Express.

In just the past week, on September 26, Kokomo finalized it’s newest addition near the Markland Mall. A Panda Express was put in right outside of the entrance to the mall and the Prodigy Bar and Grill. The location I think is perfect because many people who go to the mall get hungry after shopping, so what better place to go than Panda? 

When I went to Panda a few days after the establishment had open, I was immediately impressed by the clean and unique look the building had. It was small but very enticing, especially with the 17 cars I counted waiting in the drive through! I have never really seen a Panda with a drive through before, but I definitely think it was a good idea of them because it was busy the whole time I was there. 

Once I was inside, I was hit with the wonderful smells and the line that had been forming in the doorway; however, the line actually went by pretty quick. With the many staff workers, and the small area that the building was, it seemed as if they were whipping out the food as fast as people were showing up. Soon I was at the end of the line and paying for my meal. All of the workers were very nice and didn’t rush me in paying nor picking out my food even though they were insanely busy.

When I was finally sitting down I could hardly wait to eat. I had ordered orange chicken, beef/broccoli, and fried rice. Panda definitely gives you big proportions for small prices because a plate (three items) is only $7.10, and I had plenty of food left over. Once I finally dug into my food, I was extremely satisfied with the turn out. All of the food I had ordered was amazing and at the top of my expectations. 

Jocelyn Radtke, a sophomore, also really enjoys the restaurant Panda Express and even has made it over to the establishment in the short time of it being open. She said, “I thought that the food was amazing!! Panda is so much better than I was expecting and I feel that Panda will increase more and more in its business throughout the years.”

I rate this restaurant a 10/10 for anyone who loves Chinese food. I rate the service a 9/10 because the people there were very nice and patient while still trying to keep the line moving as efficiently as possible. I think any age group can attend this restaurant; they just have to actually like Chinese. There is no children’s menu nor chicken strips for the picky people.

In conclusion, I am very happy that Kokomo has added this new establishment to our lives. I feel as if the store will thrive very well and attract any kind of customer. If you like Chinese food and want to have the best you’ve ever had in your life, than drive on over to Panda Express. You will not regret it!

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