Two Furry New Members of the Family



I have always loved pets, especially dogs and cats. Dogs and cats provide one with a cuddle buddy, a good listener, and a friend. I have a dog named Zoe that I love dearly. She is super fluffy and loves to be pet. I have always leaned more towards dogs than cats until recently. About a month ago, I suddenly really really wanted a cat. Immediately, I started asking my friends if they knew anyone who had cats that they were selling. Kadence Miller, one of my friends, informed me that she had many cats, and her family wanted to give them away. I was so excited and surprised that I found someone so quickly who had cats to give away. 

Although I found someone with cats, I still had to ask for permission from my parents. I was very nervous as I knew that this would be more difficult. Before I could overthink it, I asked them. To my surprise, they said yes! I was so relieved and excited that I couldn’t contain myself. I instantly told Kadence the good news, and she was very happy for me and even sent pictures of the potential cats I could have. After looking at the pictures, I chose a white calico with black spots on her face. She is an adorable cat, and I could not wait to get her. Everything was in order; however, my mom said I could not get the cat until after two weeks so that we could prepare for my cat’s arrival. I was very upset at first, but I decided I should just be grateful. 

In the meantime, Jocelyn Radtke, one of my other friends, ended up with a stray kitten that was found in a ditch. They were looking for a good home for the kitten, and my family quickly volunteered. My brother loves cats as well, and he really wanted one, especially after hearing that I was getting one. Because of this, my mom decided that the kitten would be my brother’s. He was so happy to hear this. A few days later, my mom and brother went to Joeclyn’s house and received the kitten. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the kitten for the first time. She was so tiny that she could fit in one hand. Her eyes were a vivid light blue, and she had reddish-blackish fur. She was adorable, and my brother named her Pookie. 

I was very happy for my brother, but I couldn’t help but long for my cat. After anxiously waiting and waiting, the day had come. My mom and I hopped in the car and drove to Kadence’s house to get my cat. The car ride felt like ten thousand, but finally we arrived to her house. Unfortunately, the cat I was hoping to get absolutely hated me. She was terrified and kept running away and hiding. We did not want to force her to leave, so I decided it would be best to not get her. This was very upsetting because I had been really looking forward to getting a cat. On the bright side, a different cat loved me and was very friendly. Kandence’s family offered to train the cat as we wanted an indoor cat. We ended up deciding to come back in one week to get the new cat. 

I was pretty disappointed to have to wait even longer for my cat, but it was worth it. Once the week had dragged by, the time had come for a second time. As we drove to Kadence’s house, I was becoming very nervous; however, as soon as we arrived, my nervousness floated away. The cat was a little scared at first but warmed up quickly to me and my mom. After saying good-bye and thank you, we drove my new cat home. 

I am so happy to have two new members of my family. Pookie and Cookie (my cat) are best friends and love to play together, and I can tell that they are very happy and enjoy living with my family and I. I am very grateful my parents let me and my brother have a new pet, and I can’t wait for the many future memories with our cats.

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