Tall Girl

Reviewed by a Small Girl


Movies can bring families or friends together for the night or just a fun little activity to pass some time. Watching movies are so fun and similar to listening to music. Different genres exist for different tastes and enjoyment. I personally am a fan of the romantic, comedy, and action movies. I just love the action and especially if a movie has all three! A movie that has been the talk lately is Tall Girl and is both praised and critiqued.

Recently, I have watched this movie with a close friend of mine and, in my opinion, it was both good and cringey. Little snippets of the cringiest parts of the movie were mainly because of how unrealistic it was. A scene that occurred was when the sister of the main character was practicing throwing knives and the whole gist of it was very cringey in my opinion. Little parts of the movie here and there happened to be really annoying to me and something that most likely would never happen. One of the things that really bugged me and something that gets mocked quite often is when the main character stated at the beginning of the movie was that her life was the worst and no one could top it because she wore men’s size 13 Nikes. 

Many users on an app called TikTok have made numerous hilarious videos proving the scene where the main character brags about her distraught life of being so tall that she has to wear mens size 13 nikes to be false with their own sad stories. Some may have been real and others were probably false but each one was hysterical and really showed up the particular scene from the movie. 

Other than this specific scene, the movie was rather good with all the romantic scenes and plot twists that kept occurring all throughout that kept us on our toes. I really liked how they used the literary form of frame, which is when something from the beginning is put in at the end of a story, in the movie with the bucket scenes. In addition to this, the part when the guy who most likely would not usually get the girl he wants finally does at the end really warmed our hearts and made us feel ecstatic about the story plot. Another thing that I really liked about the movie that seemed so real was the fact that they involved a foreign exchange student to be a very important helping character all throughout the movie. 

Overall, I thought the movie to be a little bit exaggerated about the height but was still spectacular nonetheless. There definitely are males who are taller than 6’1 girls and short guys who aren’t intimidated by taller women. Hopefully I did not spoil the movie as much and that you will give the movie a shot. Everybody has their own opinions and so you may or may not think the same about what I had to say about the movie. This movie is best seen with a best friend. But hey at least you don’t wear size 13 Nike’s… MENS size 13 Nike’s 😉

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