Senior Night vs West Lafayette



Everyone had been eager and anxious for the upcoming game. Not only were the seniors participating in fall sports making their big appearance in front of the huge football crowd, but also we were facing the West Lafayette Blue Devils, a 3A school. West Lafayette was ranked number one in their class just as we were also ranked number one in 2A. Last Friday’s game was an emotional night full of ups and downs consisting of tears, touchdowns, and school spirit. Although we lost, we fought hard and kept going. West Lafayette is a much bigger school and tough to beat, but we kept our spirits high and showed our pride to be a King. 

All day I had been waiting eagerly for the game. I could not wait to feel the rush of each touchdown, yell and jump with excitement, and see the boisterous crowd cheer for our team with wholesome joy. Because I am a cheerleader, I have the perfect way to channel my cheerful and hyper personality into good use. I am very loud and crazy on the sidelines when cheering, which just adds to the chaos of our lively student section and crowd.

The weather was perfect evening for a football game. The beginning of last week was very hot, so it seemed as if fall just crept its way through specifically for that game. Although the chilly breeze made it necessary for gloves, sweatshirts and blankets, it was not unbearably freezing. To start off the night, every senior participating in a fall sport was called by name along with his or her parents. Every senior’s mom was presented with a small bouquet of roses and little white flowers, and then as a group, they walked together down the field. I am always so happy to see my senior friends being recognized as this is their last year in high school. However, it also means that they are getting closer and closer to graduating and moving on from high school, and I won’t be able to see them everyday anymore. Even though it is a very sad moment for friends, family, teachers and coaches, being a senior is an exciting milestone that deserves to be recognized and celebrated. 

After everyone dried their tears, the game had begun! The music blasted through the speakers, everybody was on their feet, and the cheerleaders shook their pom poms. Our team dressed in red, blue, and white stampeded onto the field with aggression and determination. In the mere first seconds, the Kings made an amazing pass setting it up for the first touchdown of the game. Everyone was standing while roaring with pride, and the whole stadium rumbled from the rambunctious yelling and jumping. It was then our opponent realized we were not there to mess around. The rest of the night slowly went downhill, but we did not give up. All the way into the fourth quarter we were still making touchdowns ending the game with a score of 21 to 58. 

Last Friday’s game caused a ripple effect of emotions. It started bittersweet with the passing of time as our seniors walked the field causing tears and nostalgia. The following game began with an incredible touchdown and amazing school spirit and ended with a loss. Friends, family, teachers, and coaches came to support our team and experience the rollercoaster of events. Despite everything, last friday represented a great night to play football and to be a King.

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