The Rise of TikTok but The Fall of Creativity

The Rise of TikTok but The Fall of Creativity

      TikTok has been around since 2016 but bought out a year ago. thrived on teen girls’ lip-syncing and dancing to popular songs. TikTok took that niche and made it so it was “cool” for all ages. They have made it fine for kids to copy what other people do and have no creativity while doing it.

      TikTok involves no creativity; and the influencers leech off what other people have created. Trends in TikTok become trends in real life. Vsco girls were created in the app and for weeks all anybody said was “sksksksksk,” thier catchphrase. The purpose of the app is to promote creativity and fun, but they fail to do this when people don’t put their own spins on the new trend. Millions of the same videos are viewed out  and people still find it amusing. 

     People are addicted to the app. Hannah Plushien and many of my friends said, “it’s like a bag of chips you can’t just eat one.” I have watched a couple being made and it hurts me to watch. I was not a fan when came out, but it did not affect me much. As for TikTok, every girl in school has the app. I have heard many conversations about it and what are the trends that seem to change every week on which dance is in at the time. They try to pull their friends to do their dance or sketch with them. People do this everywhere like at sporting events, houses, parties, and schools. I guess that is the new way to socialize with your friends?

     I hate this app, so I decided to get it myself and see how it works. At first glance, it was very confusing. I was instantly thrown in and the first video I saw was atrocious. It seemed very played out. What I mean by that is that it took them so many tries to create a ten-second video. I saw many of the same styles of videos, and I was bored watching them after the first five minutes. The comments I received about how addictive it was were false to me at least. Everybody does have different interests in life but sitting down for hours on end mindlessly watching useless videos, I don’t get it. The notion that this provides entertainment to people is crazy to me but I don’t like that sort of thing. I wasn’t on the app for that long until being overwhelmed with cringe.

     The young generation has been overtaken by the idea of “gaining clout.” The kids that grow up with these apps will have no creativity and will only be focused on gaining followers or likes. After my time on TikTok, I realized that the app is not for everybody and the app cannot please the entire demographic.

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