Nifty Thrifty Thrifter



I have been thrifting clothes for a long time, and I would even say that 80% of my clothes are thrifted. I know some people think thrifting means buying one-of-a-kind vintage clothing for large amounts of money at expensive thrift shops. I, however, do not thrift that way. Thrifting can mean buying clothes from Goodwill, Salvation Army, garage sales, online shops from friends, and even hand-me-downs. At Goodwill, I can buy fifteen shirts for sixty dollars, but at a regular clothing store the price would be in the triple digits. Thrifting the right way can be affordable, unique, and individualistic, and it can shape one’s style to be bold and eccentric. 

Most quirky influencers or celebrities, such as Emma Chamberlain, thrift for expensive clothes. Emma Chamberlain specifically has been known to start trends from her thrifted vintage style with bold pieces like checkered pants, mom jeans, bedazzled shirts, belts, and bulky jackets. Most young people watching her videos may feel that thrifting can only be done in  an expensive way or only can be done by celebrities. Therefore, people are spending loads of money on the same clothing pieces one can buy at Goodwill or Salvation Army. 

Goodwill and Salvation Army are affordable stores, but they make thrifting harder than regular thrift shops. One will need to possess patience, time, and creativity. Some clothes in particular may appear ugly or gaudy at first; however, after meticulous observation, one may come to the realization that the particular piece can be styled a certain way making it very cute and unique. This is where creativity comes in handy. Shirts can be styled in an abundance of ways including cropped, layered, tied, or tucked in. How one styles a certain piece can make an outfit much more bold and fashionable. Because of the many racks of unwanted clothing in Goodwill and Salvation Army, it may take a few hours to sift through. Every rack will have pieces of clothing that are horrid, but with patience, one will definitely find a few jewels. 

Garage Sales, online shops from friends, and hand-me-downs are a great way to get even cheaper clothes. With garage sales and online shops, the price can be negotiated to what one feels the clothing is worth. Although the selection is limited, garage sales and online shops are perfect for purchasing staple clothing pieces for affordable prices. Hand-me-downs are underrated. Most people think nothing of them, but they can be surprisingly useful and stylish pieces. 

Thrifting is a money-saver and a great way to purchase clothing that other people most likely won’t have. It revamps one’s wardrobe to being stylish, unique, and bold. I would suggest thrifting to everyone and even offer to go with them. If anyone loves clothes as much as I do, he or she would appreciate this great way to feed into his or her shopping addiction while keeping it affordable. 

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