What Does Being A Marching King Mean?


People think being apart of marching band isn’t cool, fun, special, etc. Being a Lewis Cass Marching King isn’t just special, you are apart of a family that continues traditions year after year. We care for one another and push each other to be the best version of us as individuals and as the best version of the Lewis Cass Marching Kings. We do it so we can put the best version of our show out on the field so the audience can get an experience like no other.

People just see us as the Marching Kings, but what does being a Lewis Cass Marching King mean to us band students? Everyone’s answer to this is different because everyone has a different meaning or understanding of what being a Marching King means to them. Junior guard member, Rochelle Pense, has been apart of the Lewis Cass Marching Kings Royal Guard for three years. She has been apart of the Lewis Cass Winter Guard from 2016 to 2017 and has been apart of the LCMK Color Guard since 2017. She has her own and unique opinion on what being a Lewis Cass Marching King means to her. 

When asked what does being a Lewis Cass Marching King mean to her, Rochelle said, “Being apart of something extraordinary.” Just being a Lewis Cass Marching King is extraordinary in itself. It’s not just about marching around and playing an instrument or just spinning a flag. You have a specific role that is specifically for you for what you do for the band. When asked what is her role in the band/show, Rochelle said, “Color guard.” Very simple answer, but the color guard plays a big role in the band by adding extra effect to the show.

There are many good and bad things about being in marching band. When I asked Rochelle what was her favorite thing about marching band, she said, “Going to competitions and winning, but also being a part of a giant, crazy, weird, very interesting family.” When I asked what was her least favorite part about marching band, she said, “Early mornings (for band competitions) and constantly being tired.” I agree that being apart of giant family is one of the best parts about marching band. I also agree that early call times for competitions and always being tired is one of the worst things about marching band. 

Even though band can be rough, performing is one of the things that makes band special. When I asked Rochelle what feeling do you get when you perform, she said, “Excited yet nervous when we’re about to go out and present the show, but when we’re performing, I just focus on the task at hand.” When I asked her what the best thing about performing, she said, “Hearing the crowd cheering and going crazy.” Hearing the audience cheer for you is something that is hard to explain. You just get that energy from them and use it to help you push through the show.

Band is not special just by performing, we also have traditions. Traditions make some things more personal to others or to get us pumped up for the performance. When I asked Rochelle if she has any traditions or special things before a show, she said, “The guard always does a prayer circle at the end of one of our warm ups where we say the lord’s prayer and just get pumped up.” When I asked what would you cherish the most about being in marching band and what would you say to future members, she said, “I will cherish being part of something that will follow me around for the rest of my life and being able to be a part of such an amazing and supportive family. I would tell future students that even though it’s hard and exhausting, it’s worth everything in the end; all the sweat, tears, blood, all of it.”

What it means to be a Marching King is different for everyone in the band. I’ve learned so much more about what band means to someone else. A lot of band students, and students in general, don’t know the little things that make marching band special because you will always have a big family that will always support you. Being a Lewis Cass Marching King isn’t always about winning, it’s about pushing yourself to be the best version of yourself that you can be and to always have a family that will always support you. 

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