Bittersweet Meet


Running their last team meet, this past Saturday high school boys and girls cross country teams participated in the Hoosier Conference Championship. JV would be leaving after that while the Varsity continued to practice until they have gone as far as they could. Varsity and Junior Varsity both ran at separate times and many runners had their PR’s, moment an athlete receives his or her personal record. 

On the girl’s team, Varsity got 7th place overall and each runner ran their absolute best. Although not all girls were satisfied , each still did an outstanding job and the team, including family, could not be more proud. We experience another special moment when we ate cake for Laura Hughes’ birthday, a junior XC runner; it was a very desirable treat after a hard run. This season, a long road full of tears and laughter, created an incredible bond and support system for each girl every step of the way, especially during meets like this one. Our support for each other and respect truly showed in our last team meet by pushing each other while running and being the loudest to cheer while on the sidelines. I’m sure the boys’ team, whose tent was set up right next to ours, also felt the same way. 

The boys team experienced some happy moments and some sad ones as well. Bailey Scott, the No. 1 varsity runner, got mixed up in a discrepancy of the course.  With other runners at the front end of the race, Bailey took a wrong turn that affected his time and placement overall. However, this race also allowed some of the new, freshman runners get a feel for their first big cross country meet. Enoch Hines really stepped up to the plate this year and made a name for himself. By being a little inexperienced, in terms of the team being a much older one, Enoch proved himself time and time again this year; his conference run showed a combination of learning from the older guys and an impressive initiative to put for his best effort. Braxton Armstrong, another freshman runner, also ran varsity. Braxton worked hard for his varsity spot, pushing out an injured senior, Carl Jay, for the position. He earned his position at the conference meet through hard work and sweat! The other varsity runners, Sam Miller, Hunter Mundy, Erik Mayorga,  and Juan Simpson, all worked together to take home a team seventh place!

Overall, we believe it is safe to say that the meet was a pretty conventional one and many athletes benefited from it. Coaches were proud and many runners will be missed. Only top twelve runners for girls and boys varsity will advance to sectionals and so forth. Other than just our teams, the other schools looked strong out on the course as well; this helped push our runners even harder. The season is officially over for the JV runners and it could not be any sadder than it is right now because practices and meets just won’t be the same without the whole team coming together. Seniors Emily Tigler, Baylie Bryan, Carl Jay, Sam Miller, Bailey Scott, Corbin Adams, and Juan Simpson are leaving and going on with their lives while the rest are finishing off the rest of their highschool career. Cross-Country season will definitely not be the same without the seniors and they will be sorely missed. The memories we made during the practices and meets, especially this last one, will always linger in our minds and hearts. It’s been fun XC 2k19.

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